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 February, 2008


 Republicans Boo Their Own Presidential Candidate

Why are Republicans Shedding Crocodile Tears?
By Al Owens

There’s nothing I like more than a good old fashioned circular firing squad. (As long as I’m not one of the participants)

The Republicans officially commenced firing at each other on Thursday afternoon. Conservative talk show host Laura Ingraham locked and loaded at 12:41.

She stood at the podium of the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) – and announced that the only real conservative left in the race for president is Mitt Romney. Problem is, at 12:36 all of the news networks had announced that Romney was already dropping out of the race.

The CPAC audience didn’t know that. And, of course, neither did Ingraham, who made a number of disparaging remarks about G.O.P. frontrunner, John McCain, and each of which were met with boos.

It was the best faux pas I’ve seen the Republicans pull – since 2000, when they all got together and nominated George W. Bush. Ingraham then introduced Romney. The CPAC audience apparently still had no idea he’d decided to drop out of the race. So, as Romney gave what was intended to be a major concession to McCain – the audience continued to burst into boos with every reference to him.

By 3:00, McCain himself took to the CPAC stage. His address was so full of bellicose rhetoric – I think he frightened some of the young Republicans who’d gathered to boo him. So they applauded him instead. That is, until he the poor judgment to use the words illegal immigration. That’s when the young neo-cons in the room showed they weren’t too frightened to offer a jeer or two.

But one mostly accommodating audience won’t ease the burden for hard core conservatives of having a presidential candidate who used to get along with Democrats as their standard bearer in the fall.

Rightwing blowhards like Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter swear they won’t support McCain. Coulter has gone so far as saying she’d rather work for Hillary Clinton than to support him.

I hear Hillary is looking for a little domestic help. She needs somebody to tuck Bill in at night – when she’s out on the road. I hope she calls Coulter’s bluff.

Coulter is probably proving she’s more bark than bite. But that bark has started to resound across the Republican landscape.

Last week, she claimed that Republicans are unalterably stupid. That’s because they’d shown the supposed lack of brain cells by voting for McCain over Romney in Florida.

This week, she offers a laundry list of items she thinks are Republican sins he’s committed - like claiming he feels waterboarding is torture.

She’s gotten so worked up she may jump off the nearest bridge, providing that bridge is over a puddle. (Neo-cons would never do anything dangerous on their own. She’d prefer to throw somebody else’s kid off a real bridge)

At the same time, while Republicans are having a public spat, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama must be licking their chops. They both got through Super Tuesday with flying colors. They’re fully aware that Democrats are voting in record numbers in primary elections and caucuses. There are a few warning signs up ahead for the Democrats.

There’s that daily talk about the possibility of there being a “brokered convention” if no clear cut presidential candidate is picked by the time the Democratic Convention rolls around this summer. That would be the first such Democratic convention since 1952.

But that’s a minor problem compared to the hand wringing and grousing that going on among the ultra-conservative Republicans.

Quite frankly, they’re all acting like a bunch of crybabies. They want somebody who hates Democrats so much they’re willing to vote for a Democrat to prevent a member of their own political party from winning in the fall.
Aren’t these the very same people who keep telling us we must remain strong on defense?

Shedding crocodile tears because your candidate doesn’t beat Democrats over the head doesn’t exactly show strength.