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 August, 2008


 George Bush's Georgia

Bush: Georgia on My Mind

George W. Bush flew to Atlanta the other day to try to convince the Russians to get out of Georgia.
This week, a bad joke featuring President Puddinhead may be the highlight of this column.
(Although I wouldn’t put it past Bush to go into the wrong country to try to fix things)
Remember that Iraq/Afghanistan thing?

Besides, the current presidential campaign has so skydived into gibberish and counter-gibberish – I’m allowing myself a zinger or two about Mr. Lame Duck.

Thank goodness for the Olympics. Bush arrived at the opening ceremonies (to a smattering of boos) with his wife Laura and former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger in tow.
Kissinger got caught napping on camera, while Bush and Mrs. Bush waved flags, looked bored and sneaked peeks at their watches intermittently.

At another venue, Bush, showing he’s pure American, proudly waved an American flag. Problem is, he held it up backwards until Laura told him to turn it around. So much for Bush’s job as a flagpole once he leaves office.

He also didn’t win any fans when, during an in-studio interview with NBC’s Bob Costas, he relegated himself to the ranks of the pathetically out-of-touch.
When asked about how much leverage he really could have in trying to convince Chinese leaders to change their policies because of our own problems, he told Costas, “I don’t see America having any problems.”

Bush had been out of the country for a day or two, so he’d apparently already forgotten those high gas prices, those mounting foreclosures and an economy that’s reaching lows that rival his own poll numbers.
The United States, to George W. Bush, is really Shangri-La, but with a different name.

To the rest of us, this country does have problems.
Too bad he didn’t stick around long enough to watch the women’s Georgian beach volleyball team whip the Russians. He could have sent them a crate of peaches.

Meanwhile, the presidential candidates have had to step aside while American swimmer Michael Phelps takes daily gold in Beijing.

What was the most “newsworthy” development this week involving the presidential candidates? Their top 10 favorite songs.

Blender Magazine contacted the campaign offices of John McCain and Barack Obama, and got the candidate’s picks 10 favorite songs.

Of course, I feel obliged to “diagnose” their selections. First, though, I have to diagnose why they even cooperated with such a dumb idea in the first place.
My diagnosis? It’s a dumb idea.

Next, let’s look at the selections.
Barack Obama’s favorite song is Ready Or Not, by the Fugees. Some pundits, who aren’t necessarily pro-Obama have found a bit of irony in the song’s title.
“Ready or not,” they say, isn’t exactly the kind of thing that benefits a presidential candidate whose opponent keeps reminding people he’s not really ready to inhabit the Oval Office.

Nonsense. The last words in that song, if those pundits cared to read the lyrics, contain the phrase, “I (am a) refugee from Guantanamo Bay, dance around the border like I'm Cassius Clay.” Maybe that’s why Obama likes that tune so much.
Number two on Obama’s list is a song that’s certainly in line with his presidential aspirations – Marvin Gaye’s “What’s Goin’ On.”
Could anybody misread Obama’s fondness for a song that’s been even called an anthem with lyrics like these?

“Father, Father, Father, we don’t need to escalate. War is not the answer. For only love can conquer hate.”

McCain’s top selection does seem a bit curious. ABBA’s “Dancing Queen” contains lyrics that don’t quite fit McCain.
“You are the dancing queen. Young and sweet - only seventeen,” conjures images of a terribly awkward looking McCain on a dance floor.
And too, the song “Dancing Queen” doesn’t really fit the image of most of conservatives.
This year, to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Sidney, Australia’s Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, Same Same Magazine online ran a poll. They asked readers to declare their “Gayest Song of All Time.”

You guessed it. John McCain’s favorite song, “Dancing Queen,” topped the list.
That’s no joke.

Edward A. Owens of Uniontown is Webmaster of “Red Raider Nation: Where Champions Live.” E-mail him at freedoms@bellatlantic.net