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 Ann Coulter Reply


 October, 2006


 Ann Coulter - Finding Democrats to fault for Republican problems

When You’re in the Hot Seat, Find a Democrat!

By Al Owens
It seems the only Republican not running away from Mark Foley these days, is Mark Foley. Although I’m not too sure he wouldn’t like to run away from him too!

In the meantime, conservative fault finders, like Ann Coulter, are doing what conservative fault finders always do in times of conservative crisis. They search their history books to find Democrats have done the same thing. Coulter, for instance, reached back 23 years ago to find a Democrat who’d engaged in a sexual relationship with a Congressional page.

Of course, with that kind of research comes the always convenient, “Well, how come our guy left the scene immediately, but yours, Democratic congressman Gerry Studds, hung around long enough to get himself
reelected several times?”

Oh the handy dandy Democrats. They’re always there when you need them. No matter how much heat gets put on the Bush Administration, for instance, there’s always Bill Clinton to pull from the history books.

Yet, conservatives like Ann Coulter always seem to flip past the chapters of their history books that shed light on a US House of Representatives that would be far less colorful if it had not been for their fellow Republicans. Some of whom had been masterful conservative fault finders themselves.

There was Harrisburg, Pennsylvania native and former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich. Ah Newt! Here’s a guy who held his nose every time he mentioned Bill Clinton. Clinton just didn’t live up to the ethical values set by Republicans. The same Newt Gingrich who got fined 300 thousand dollars in 1997 for ethics violations.

Newt too, loved to blather about personal responsibility and morality. Especially if he could attach Bill Clinton to the absence of both! The same Newt, who eventually resigned from the House of Representatives after he’d had an affair with a much younger woman who was under his supervision, had served his first wife with divorce papers shortly after she’d been diagnosed with cancer, and who phoned his second wife to announce he was about to divorce her. Oh, did I mention he placed that fateful call on Mother’s Day? And that he made his announcement soon after his wife had learned she have been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis?

With Newt Gingrich out of the way, in walked House Speaker designate Bob Livingston. On the very day congress was set to vote on the impeachment of Bill Clinton, Livingston took to the House podium and shocked the world. Until that day he’d been all for scalping the womanizing Clinton for having his extra-marital affair. On that day in 1998, Livingston announced he was stepping away from the House of Representatives because he’d had numerous extra-marital affairs! Oh the hypocrisy! And oh the short memories and selective history books of conservative zealots who’d never consider the actions of Gingrich or Livingston to be at least as bad of those as Bill Clinton.

Yet conservatives don’t see the peril they face by constantly blaming Democrats and liberals for their own failings.

I offer for your examination, the silliest of assertions by people like Ann Coulter. The one where Democrats are accused of being inconsistent when they’ve wondered openly why Republicans didn’t do more to investigate Mark Foley’s predilection for little boys, when they don’t want the NSA to wiretap the telephones of Americans without a warrant. Even a classic conservative fault finder like Coulter should have known better than to go down that road. That a scandal moving at light speed doesn’t allow for stretches in logic as wide as Fayette Street.

Coulter’s point, I think, is that Democrats wanted the Speaker of the House, Dennis Hastert, to have snooped into the questionable emails of Mark Foley, but they don’t want the NSA to snoop into the conversations between members of al-Quida. But she forgets one may involve probably cause, while the other may not.

And besides, on Wednesday there was yet another wrinkle in this mess. A staffer for both Foley and another Republican leader resigned and then offered evidence that there may have been clear proof that snooping emails would have been the least the Speaker of the House should have engaged in to have protected those congressional pages.

No wonder there is a wealth of opinion that Dennis Hastert may be the third Republican Speaker of the House forced to step aside, with sexual indiscretion being at the heart of it. Where’s Bill Clinton when the conservatives need him?