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 February, 2007


 Admitting I'm wrong about everything

A Simple Admission Goes a Long Way

By Al Owens
Iím the father of Anna Nicole Smithís baby! Iíve been advised by my presidential campaign manager Roy G. Biv (whoís quite a colorful guy in his own right, I might add) to avoid getting blindsided by the media with those revealing DNA tests.

So, Iím the one. Iíve never met the late Ms. Smith, but that doesnít matter. Iím coming clean anyway.

Iím also admitting to being part of that Capt. Lisa Nowak thing. It wasnít a love triangle. It was really a love rectangle. Roy G. Biv says admit to everything, deny nothing. So, while I couldnít pick Lisa Nowak out of a line-up Ė we had a torrid affair.

Iím sure after she took care of that woman in Florida, she was going to re-fuel and re-diaper and then head this way.

Those other presidential candidates arenít as transparent as I am about their past indiscretions. Thatís what makes me a born leader. I robbed a bank in 1976. I needed the money.

I bugged the Democratic National Headquarters in 1971. Richard Nixon got the idea from me.

I taught Ann Coulter how to write. Iím taking the blame for that too Ė but with some trepidation. I want to be your president. After Iím elected, if word got out I helped unleash this woman on the world, Iíd most certainly face impeachment.
Of course, sheíd write columns about never meeting me. Sheíll claim she couldnít have learned anything from me. Sheíll advance the theory that conservatives canít be taught anything by anybody. Sheíll use George W. Bush as an example.

I caused the stock market crash of í29. I was having a bad day, and I wanted the world to know it.

Presidential campaigning has led me to do a lot of soul searching. I donít want swift-boated when I become the frontrunner. So, I served in Vietnam, but I never loaded my weapon.

I designed the Edsel. I thought it was a good idea at the time. Never did I dream that such an unloved automobile might play a role in my run for public office. Roy G. Biv doesnít care. He says, ďThrow yourself on the good will of the American people, ask for their mercy, go to them on bended knees Ė and then Iíll come up with a few more clichťs for you to follow.Ē

I wrote Mein Kampf! I was drunk when I wrote it. I used to be an alcoholic. Hanging around with Adolf Hitler will do that to you.

I donít think Hillary Clinton would ever admit to anything. Rudolph Giuliani is too busy cleansing his record. Barack Obama will claim he smokes cigarettes - but he doesnít inhale.

I pioneered the development of New Coke. I mentored Mike Tyson. I give charm lessons to Paris Hilton. Iím the one. And Iím admitting it here and now.

To become President of These United States, you must be willing to undergo the scrutiny of that 24 hour news and scandal cycle. Iím just about ready.

Did I tell you I do Don Kingís hair? Iím a barber on the side. Only in America can a former barber become president. That is if the unsavory details of their past lives donít get the tabloid treatment.

I started the Civil War! I thought two Americaís would be better than one. Maybe I was wrong. History may bear me out on that one.

When I stand before the people of the United States, I will have no secrets about my personal history. I will be free to govern without any fear that some eager young investigative reporter will blindside me with some tidbit that would cause me and my family shame.

After all, Iím Al Caponeís son!