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 Ann Coulter Reply


 April, 2007


 Ann Coulter - Republicans on the Hot Seat!

Who’s Sorry Now?

By Al Owens
Ask any baseball player and they’ll tell you there’s nothing sweeter than a nice chest high fastball right down the middle of the plate. That’s what I felt like reading Ann Coulter this week.
Ann Coulter hung one of those juicy one-liners out there and, “There’s a high fly ball, deep, deep, it’s gone!”

Let’s go to the instant replay. Coulter asks, “When will Republicans learn to stop apologizing?” Republicans will learn to stop apologizing when they stop doing those things for which they need to apologize. Things like: Katrina, Michael Brown, Bernie Kerik, a war without end, Mark Foley, arrogance in the face of incompetence, hypocrisy, Walter Reed, Donald Rumsfeld, misapplying the Patriot Act and unnecessary swagger. Oops! I left out Harriet Miers. You can kiss it goodbye!

If Republicans stop doing those kinds of things, they’ll no longer find the need to fake humility. Until then, it’s fun hearing them say, “I’m sorry”. Of course, Ann Coulter even misinterprets George Bush’s, “Mistakes were made”, comment a few weeks ago, as a real apology. That’s when Bush figured out that the Congressional Republicans were busily circling the wagons because his Attorney General got caught in an inconsistency.

Alberto Gonzales had gone before a congressional committee and said, “He didn’t know nothing ‘bout no stinking firings”, when a few subsequently released emails seem to indicate he did. Thusly, a president was forced to sheepishly admit, “Mistakes were made”.

Oh those conservatives. Many of them have fled from their glass houses, but the rest of them are still throwing rocks.

Coulter believes the current scandal that has Alberto Gonzales and the “bushies” in the White House fidgeting is unworthy of any attention. That Washington is really being overrun by Democratic crooks and murderers, but curiously nobody has called a S.W.A.T. team to keep them away from our babies.

By example, she champions the cause of ex-Republican Congressman Randy "Duke" Cunningham. According to Coulter, Cunningham should be honored as a Vietnam War veteran, not as a man who pleaded guilty to bribery, conspiracy to commit bribery, mail fraud, wire fraud and tax evasion.
I guess she thinks Cunningham is serving eight years in the pokey - just because he's a Republican.
"In one glorious day in North Vietnam, Duke Cunningham (a then US Navy pilot) did more for this country than the entire Democratic caucus will do in a lifetime", Coulter lectures. Too bad he committed more crimes in his lifetime than John Gotti.

Currently, 8 U.S. Attorneys are out of their jobs. Nobody is able to figure out why. According to Coulter, the whole thing was, “set off when the administration stupidly apologized for firing its own employees”. See, that’s what got the administration into trouble in the first place. Somebody thought they were just employees of the administration. The fact is, they were really employed by the people of The United States of America. That’s why they’re called U.S. attorneys.

They may have (this week’s talking point) “served at the pleasure of the president”. But they were also public servants. They were sworn to provide their service to the citizens of this country - not to the president.

They weren’t hired to attack Democrats or to shield Republicans. And they shouldn’t be fired if they didn’t do those things. That’s what this is all about.

It’s not, as conservatives keep mumbling, a bunch of wild Democrats, drunk with their newfound oversight abilities. These firings have an odor. The Republicans, who haven’t already jumped ship, are in obvious need of some nasal spray.

All of this complaining seems odd coming from Republicans who took every opportunity to investigate anybody who’d ever met Bill Clinton (except Socks the cat), during the 1990’s.

Republicans issued more than a thousand subpoenas and spent more than 35 million dollars investigating the Clinton administration. The Democrats have only had control of congress for a little over two months. They’ve just begun to investigate. They haven’t even issued a single subpoena (they’ve authorized them, but not issued one yet) and conservatives are already shriveling under the pressure.
What goes around Washington comes around Washington?

These are the same people who’re constantly reminding us that “we have to fight the terrorists over there, so we don’t have to fight them over here”. As it turns out, they’d be the first ever boat people headed for Mexico at the earliest sighting of a terrorist.

They’re quick to recite the talking point that Bill Clinton fired all of his U.S. Attorneys when he took office. What they won’t tell you is until recently the George Bush hadn’t fired any.

I’ve been around long enough to know that conservatives always seem to resort to increased name-calling when they get put on the defense. Coulter calls Ted Kennedy a murderer and all Democrats who’re trying to end the war in Iraq, traitors and treasonous. A sure sign, the U.S. Attorney scandal is worthy of the nation’s attention, if not Ann Coulter’s.

Who’s sorry now?