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George C. Marshall: Soldier, Statesman, Native Son  

October, 2009

Exploring Western Pennsylvania Myths  

June, 2008

A Look at the Birth and Development of Television  

June, 2008

Fayette County in the Library of Congress  

December, 2007

The Invention of the Telephone  

May, 2008

A Look at Women's Suffrage  

March, 2008

One Small Step for Man. One Giant Leap for Fayette County  

January, 2008

Happy New Year, If You Can Stand It  

January, 2008

When the World Cheered as One  

November, 2007

Did a Uniontown Man Really Invent the Big Mac?  

September, 2007

How Some Popular Phrases Came into Being  

August, 2007

How Uniontown got its May Day  

April, 2007

The origins of Uniontown street names - Part II  

January, 2007

The origins of Uniontown street names - Part I  

January, 2007

Looking back nearly a century ago in Uniontown  

October, 2006

The Uniontowns and Fayette Countys around the nation  

January, 2007

Milestones in Fayette County history  

February, 2007

Fayette County's most notable citizens are highlighted  

August, 2006

The Uniontown man who served the first ever Big Mac  

June, 2006