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 Ann Coulter Reply


 October, 2007


 Ann Coulter - Will Somebody Please Condemn Me?

Will Somebody Please Condemn Me?

By Al Owens
I’m a little hesitant to write this. The U.S. Senate may pass some kind of resolution that condemns me for saying the wrong thing.

That seems to be the primary work of congress these days. Last week, they passed a resolution condemning moveon.org for that “Betray Us” ad.

This week, it’s Rush Limbaugh who’s getting his very own condemnation.

He’s either called a phony soldier a “phony soldier,” or he called soldiers who’ve served in Iraq who happen to be against the war “phony soldiers.”

Either way (soldier with or without an “s” attached to) the Congress of the United States of America is deeply involved in debate over the intent of a talk show host.

What a waste of time. Meanwhile, the 24 hour news cycle has completely lost its mind. The Fox News Channel, CNN, MSNBC and probably even Animal Planet (I don’t watch Animal Planet, so I can’t be sure) have all gone nearly wall-to-wall Rush.

At the same time, Ann Coulter seems to be envious of all the attention Limbaugh has been getting. She’s released a new book this week. It’s usually her time to whip up a controversy, by denouncing weddings or something.

Oh, she did her best. On Tuesday morning, she appeared on cable TV’s Fox and Friends. She was beside herself, because she’d been on the Today show earlier in the day, but nobody had tried to insult her.

You can’t make this stuff up. Not when they print the transcripts. “They're treating me like, you know, an esteemed guest accepted by the mainstream media,” she complained. Who are these people who treat Ann Coulter like a normal human being? I’d be upset too, if I needed the U.S. Congress to condemn ill-tempered, unsavory comments – so I could sell some books.

But Coulter was trying to get on a roll. She’d already tried to convince her Fox and Friends co-conspirators that the Today Show interview went off without a single mention of her new book. “They invited you on the Today show this morning, and they didn't talk to you about the book,” asked Fox News’ Steve Doocy. Sensing a profitable opening for an attack, Coulter gleefully replied, “No. They’re trying to mainstream me.”

This is the age of instant fact checking. Here’re the facts. Today Show host, Meredith Vieira, mentioned Coulter’s book at the beginning of the interview, while at the same time they showed the book. Vieira later asked her about her book, Coulter answered and then Vieira capped the interview with these words: Thank you so much for your time this morning, and the book is called If Democrats Had Any Brains, They'd Be Republicans.

Is there a resolution congress could pass to condemn pundits who lie on national TV?

Yet, despite all of the attention Limbaugh has gotten, and Ann Coulter would like to get – the country still has serious business to discuss.

There’s that SCHIP (The Children’s Health Insurance Program) bill, for instance. Congress passed it, and the president vetoed it. Now the rhetoric begins. “Unfortunately, I believe that some have given the president bad advice on this matter,” claims one senator. Another senator calls the veto, “An irresponsible use of the veto pen.”

The problem for the president is that both of those quotes came from Republicans. Utah’s Orrin G. Hatch rarely finds himself siding with Democrats. Well he is on this one.

While the president and some hard line right wingers are trying to convince an expansion of the SCHIP program (by 35 billion dollars over 5 years) is a step in the direction of socialized medicine, most Americans seem to think it isn’t.

In fact, 49 House Republicans and 18 Senate Republicans voted to extend the SCHIP program despite the neo-con nonsense about it helping people who don’t need it. The same neo-cons that didn’t hesitate to support the president’s Medicare Part D program that allows billionaires over the age of 65 to benefit.

Maybe some of America’s children should catch a plane to Iraq – so they can get health care. (I’d better watch those kinds of statements. Some eager U.S. senator may see one of them, and condemn for it) My defense would be that Iraq is where the real money is being spent.

Ask the fine folks at Blackwater USA. That’s the security company that’s managed to secure a billion dollars worth of government contracts, with a guy who runs it, Erik Prince, who has a particular fondness for Republican candidates and causes.

After last month’s Baghdad shooting, in which it is said 17 people have now died, Blackwater is under a flurry of investigations. I guess Prince is thinking it shouldn’t be that way - especially since there are no Iraqi or U.S. laws that could sanction his company.

However, that could change soon. By Thursday afternoon, the House overwhelmingly passed a bill that would allow trigger-happy security guards in Iraq to be prosecuted in U.S. courts, if they act on their trigger-happiness.

I have noted that Blackwater has taken one step to soften its image – but I think it might be too late for that kind of thing. Two weeks ago, the company had what looked like a para-military unit’s web site. That’s changed.

With the eyes of the world upon Blackwater USA, they now have a more “corporate” looking web site. (I doubled-checked with the company to make sure they’d made the change. They did. But they won’t tell me why.)

The difference is quite revealing.

For some reason, I couldn’t find many references to Iraq on the new one. And I certainly couldn’t find one that appeared on the old one: “In Iraq, Blackwater’s expertly trained personnel protect and defend U.S. officials.” Maybe they know something we don’t.