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 Ann Coulter Reply


 November, 2007


 Ann Coulter - Revlon Goes Belly Up

Revlon Goes Belly Up

By Al Owens
Fewer American troops died in Iraq during October (36 or 38 – depending on who’s doing the counting) than during any month since March of 2006. The surge just might be working after all.

Meanwhile, the Iraqi government is reporting a precipitous drop in civilian deaths for the same period. 544 Iraqis died, and 333 Iraqi dead bodies were found across the country in October. See what happens they keep Blackwater USA off the streets.

All of this would be good news for the Bush administration, if there wasn’t so much bad news.

For starters, despite the growing indications that the president has finally done something right, he’s been hit with a brand new problem.

Fewer people entered Army basic training last month, than during any month since 1973 – when they started the all-volunteer service. A high ranking U.S. general, Gen. William S. Wallace announced this week that, "It's going to be another tough recruiting year."

Meanwhile, it does look like there are some other ranks that are swelling. That’s the number of Texas Bush devotees who’ve gone fishin’. (Already Karl Rove, Dan Bartlett and Alberto Gonzales have left, or been sent out to pasture)

Now, Karen Hughes is going back to Texas – again. Hughes handled communications for her close friend Gov. George W. Bush in Texas, and then she followed him to Washington to become one of his chief apologists until 2002.

She obviously needed a rest by then. Or she’d run out of fingers trying to stop the Bush policy deficient dike from leaking.

But she couldn’t quite stay down there on the farm, or the ranch, or wherever one goes after they’ve run out of ways to make incompetence seem brilliant. So, in 2005, she decided that being a glutton for punishment isn’t that bad after all. She returned to Washington and was given the titled: The Undersecretary of State for Public Diplomacy.

It’s a long title. It’s a tough job. Hughes’ new role meant she’d circle the globe trying to make people everywhere understand that the Bush administration and the American people aren’t really monsters. She’d put diplomatic lipstick on an ever-worsening public relations pig.

I’m surprised Revlon hasn’t announced it’s experiencing a severe lipstick shortage since 2005.

America’s image abroad has gotten even worse since Hughes has been on the job. According to a Pew Research study, people throughout the Middle East, Europe and even in the countries of our allies (Great Britain and Canada) have even lower opinions of the United States than they did before Hughes brandished her lipstick.

On Wednesday, Hughes announced she was returning to Texas. She’d made her resignation public along side another friend and confidant (and soon to be her ex-boss) Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.

Rice, who has her own set of embarrassing fires to put out these days, claimed Hughes had done “a remarkable job.” A remarkable job doing what, I might ask?

Some experts claim that Hughes had to spend so much time trying to counter the Bush tendency to rhetorically bare his teeth – she’d had little time to tell the entire world that the United States of America loves everybody.

She obviously wasn’t a great tourism director. It seems a little while back, she’d commissioned a TV ad that was supposed to reflect the majesty and beauty that is this country. That way, people in, say, Somalia will want to plan their vacations around a trip to the Grand Canyon.

"This video clearly says: 'We want you to come to America, you will be most welcome,'" she said.

Problem is, one of the key scenes in the commercial showed the Canadian side of Niagara Falls. And, if that wasn’t bad enough, it was shot on the Canadian side of Niagara Falls. Canadians probably think we’ve just annexed their country – thanks to Karen Hughes.

That gaff didn’t stop Rice from claiming, "She has built a strong organization that future administrations will be able to rely on."

Yep. I can see those commercials now. “Come to America. You’ll just love our pyramids.” Oh, but Rice was probably a little out of sorts when she appeared with Hughes. She’d missed that highly rancorous meeting involving hundreds of State Department diplomats who’d expressed their utter outrage about being on the shortlist for Foreign Service tours in Iraq.

If a diplomat is chosen for duty, they have to head for Baghdad, show they have a medical problem or lose their job.

Those diplomats sure don’t seem to think the surge is working that well. Some even called the new State Department policy to send them to Iraq “a potential death sentence.” Hum.

Some are especially concerned because the hired gunslingers who‘re charged with protecting U.S. diplomats in Iraq, Blackwater USA personnel, are already embroiled in its own set of controversies.

So, what the State Department needs now is for Karen Hughes to come back from Texas (as soon as she returns to Texas) and try to reassure those diplomats that America is really a great place to leave, too.