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 Ann Coulter Reply


 November, 2007


 Ann Coulter - Old Arguments Diehard

Old Arguments Diehard

By Al Owens
I love this country. Granted, I’ve only set foot in four other countries beside this one. (Vietnam, Thailand, Canada and regrettably Cleveland, Ohio) Ok, I’m kidding about Cleveland. Although when I lived there it felt more like a war zone than Vietnam.

Yet, despite my rather limited world travels, I’m convinced this is indeed the greatest country on earth.

I have been fortunate enough to travel extensively across this country. I simply cannot believe how beautiful it is. Not just the topography, but the people too.

I gained a hearty respect for this nation and its inhabitants as I traveled. I’ve driven through towns I’d never even heard of until I stopped in them to refuel my gas tank.

I’d fill my tank, and then I’d back inside the gas station I could do a little experimenting. I’d ask the attendant how they felt about their hometown. Nothing, I mean nothing – can erase racial, or age, or religious or even political differences like a person who tells a stranger how much they love their hometown. Even though, that same person just may complain endlessly about their hometown to their friends and neighbors.

People just love their hometowns, and by extension – The United States of America. Me too.

Yet, all I need to do is give some people an indication I’m a liberal, and they (mostly devout right wingers) may openly question the devotion I have to my country.

I know they’re wrong. I’m just curious about why they persist in playing such a childish game.

This week, Ann Coulter goes down one of her familiar paths. A path that, by now, she’s staggered down so often it now looks more like a gutter. Joe McCarthy, according to her, was just a nice but misunderstood guy. She is no longer beating a dead horse. She’s now beating the glue.

She’s making her case – again – that anybody who’d ever sneezed in McCarthy’s direction – should’ve been tried for attempted murder.

If Tailgunner Joe ever crawls out of his grave, Coulter will be the first woman in line to propose marriage. Their offspring would hold hearings on their first day of day care.

McCarthy tried to single-handedly prevent the spread of communism the way George W. Bush tries to prevent the spread of common sense. McCarthy wasn’t successful. Bush is.

Don’t blame me for not buying this post-dated nonsense about the suitable for mounting on Mt. Rushmore – Joe McCarthy. I’m a liberal. In fact, during the early 1950’s, when I was still learning to walk, I coddled commies. I’d memorized Mao Tse-Tung’s Red Book, before I learned to read.

That’s how liberals are supposed to look to ultra-conservatives. They now try to convince anybody who doesn’t snicker out loud that Democrats and liberals are constantly dreaming up ways to make terrorists seem honorable and our own troops - and our own country for that matter – worthy only of disdain.

Yet, it’s the Bush administration (and his merry band of right wingers) who have to face the reality of the recent news that homeless shelters are filling up with returning troops from Iraq and Afghanistan.

According to a national study conducted by the Homelessness Research Institute, one in four homeless people in America, is a military veteran.

But there’s more. Troops returning from the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan are being forced into homeless shelters at a quicker rate than did Vietnam veterans.

There’s some strong evidence that the reason for the increased homelessness among the newly returned troops – is the Bush administration’s penchant for extending their tours of duty.

So much for the supposed malevolence we liberals are supposed to feel toward our troops. The very people who make that claim are, themselves, likely suspect in the area of concern for the treatment of our people in uniform.

I’m not claiming our president wants returning troops to suffer. He’s just oblivious to their suffering.

You do remember the major embarrassment the administration faced earlier this year, about the deplorable conditions at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, don’t you? Allow me to refresh your memory – think privatization. Still don’t remember? Think rat infested buildings. Still don’t remember? You’re a Republican.

And if you’re a neo-con, you probably still want to blame all of that on Democrats and liberals.

Just as Ms. Coulter is still making tedious efforts to squeeze a drop of humanity out of Joseph McCarthy – so she can blame Democrats for stopping him from chasing communists out of places they’d never been.