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 Ann Coulter Reply


 January, 2008


 Ann Coulter - Republican Self-Hatred

Republicans are unalterably stupid.
Ann Coulter January 10th, 2008
Why Do Republicans Hate Themselves?
By Al Owens

The Republicans are in a pickle. Their cheerleader-in-chief, Ann Coulter, has now officially abandoned them with such viciousness, I’m going to pull up my easy chair and watch this one.
Coulter has occasionally shown her dissatisfaction with George W. Bush, because, I suppose, he’s been photographed while he’s been in close proximity to a Democrat.
She’s also launched attacks on Gov. Mike Huckabee and Fred Thompson, because they don’t hate liberals enough.
Now she’s spending what’s left of her credibility by leveling her sharpest pieces of rhetoric in the direction of John McCain – who is now leading the Republican pack for a presidential nomination.
That thing about Republican stupidity stems from the single fact that Floridians chose McCain over Gov. Mitt Romney at the polls last week.
Coulter believes they chose the wrong man. I feel her pain. I felt the same way about Floridians twice - in 2000 and in 2004. But I don’t think they’re stupid. Misguided, maybe, but not stupid.
I’m taking particular delight in all of this. McCain is just the latest of the supposed Republican frontrunners far right wingers can’t get their arms around.
When Huckabee won Iowa, Coulter and her neo-con crybabies voiced their distrust of him, because Democrats have a tendency to speak of him with respect.
And besides, when Huckabee was the governor down there in Arkansas, he didn’t round up all of the illegal aliens and cut out their livers on live TV.
Coulter doesn’t heart Huckabee, or Thompson, or McCain or anybody who doesn’t advocate some form of malevolence toward the people she seems to hate.
And that could make serious problems for Republicans come the fall.
John McCain has had the misfortune of signing onto bills with Democrats. That sticks in the craw of his many of his fellow Republicans.
True, he believes American troops will be in Iraq long past the wishes of the American people. That’s not rightwing enough for neo-cons. They want him to use his presidential powers to blow up every Muslim on the face of the earth.
Meanwhile, the Democrats have somehow escaped the wrath of rightwing pundits, who’re so busy beating their own candidates over the head, they’ve apparently forgotten that Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are both amassing huge stockpiles of potential fall voters. Sure they have their tiffs, but nothing like their Republican brethren. Except for their obviously stylistic differences, Obama and Clinton are really close on the issues that matter.
That’s why there were those recent calls from powerful Democrats for Hillary’s hubby to step into the shadows.
With that in mind it’s hilarious that it was only a few months ago, that the 24 hour news media had so little to discuss about Hillary Clinton they kept showing a picture of her speaking with what seemed to be cleavage.
There were entire panels gathered to determine if her cleavage had been brandished intentionally. None of those panelists posited the obvious notion that, yes, Clinton does have breasts. And, yes, sometimes she happens to wear them in public.
A few days ago, there was widespread discourse about whether Sen. Obama snubbed Sen. Clinton at some speech the president gave. They showed some mighty unrevealing still pictures that launched a thousand talk show debates.
If those kinds of things dominate the nature of the discussions about Democrats, but Republicans (when it’s their turn to speak) simply throw poisoned daggers at their own candidates, they’re signaling to all voters that it’s time for the G.O.P. to vacate the White House.
No small wonder Obama’s call for “change” is inspiring so many young people to vote for the first time.
At the same time, McCain and Romney were tearing each other up over the word timeline.
McCain claimed that Romney wants a timeline to get our troops out of Iraq, while Romney clearly proved that he has never been for such a timeline.
I thought they were going to go to blows over the word at their debate the other night. That’s the kind of thing that will leave the supporters of either of them, to find common ground after the Republicans choose a candidate.
That, by the way, doesn’t seem to exist on the Democratic side. I think Hillary’s supporters would still vote for Obama, and vice versa, depending upon which candidate wins their nomination.
Yet, Ann Coulter doesn’t seem to understand that sticking verbal wedges between the Republican frontrunners is rapidly building the grounds for irreconcilable differences among rank and file Republicans.
It seems to be further proof that the non-stop petulance right wingers have about political debate in general, has finally been turned on the people for whom they’ve always claimed to have supported.
I have one question. Why do Republicans hate themselves?