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 June, 2008


 McCain Campaign's Terrorist Scare Tactics

The Hunt for a Red October
By Al Owens

Back on November 10th 2004, the nation’s confusing Homeland Security Alert System was dropped from Orange (High Risk of Terrorist Attacks) to Yellow (Significant Risk of Terrorist Attacks) for New York City, parts of New Jersey and all of Washington, D.C.

That meant, I assumed, we were all supposed to breathe easier. Nearly half the voters in the country, however, weren’t so much at ease.
That’s because George W. Bush had been reelected eight days before.

That Orange level had been put into effect in August. There were a few of us in those days who thought the raised, then lowered alert levels were mighty convenient for Republicans who needed to remind voters that the nation’s continued safety was in their hands.

A few months later, after Homeland Security chief Tom Ridge resigned, he let the American public know he’d argued vigorously with members of the Bush administration about the weight of the evidence used in raising those threat levels.
He simply felt there were times when there wasn’t enough proof to support the elevations.

That didn’t matter to the Bushies. They needed to make sure that Americans were aware that America would no longer be America without them shielding us from everything but our vegetables.

They were our crossing guards of liberty. They would tuck us all in at night, read us bedtime stories and prevent trolls from climbing beneath our beds.
But first they had to regularly paint mental pictures of those trolls – so we could always be aware they would be just inches from their grasp, and gaining on us – especially just before election days.

This past week, McCain’s foreign policy strategist, Charlie Black, confirmed what we all knew anyway.

Republicans need terrorists or even hints they could attack - more than they need really good campaign ads.

Black had been talking to a reporter for Fortune magazine when he revealed the GOP’s best kept public secret. That a terror attack that would take place on U.S. soil could help John McCain become the next president of these United States.

“Certainly it would be a big advantage to him,” Black said as if he’d just swigged a gallon of Sodium (the truth serum) Pentothal.

When word got out about Black’s statements, it only took reporters a few minutes to track down McCain down, so he could refute Black’s words.

McCain offered his best denial of the notion that nothing scares up votes like a good old shoe bomber.

“I cannot imagine why he would say it, it’s not true … I strenuously disagree,” McCain told reporters.

To be sure, Republicans have managed to maintain high levels of support by playing the national security card.

McCain’s only hope in November (aside from a real terror attack) is to have his campaign workers fan out across the country on election day, and set off firecrackers as senior citizens show up to vote.

But McCain’s “strenuous disagreement,” seemed mighty hollow.

Mainly because just three days before the 2004 presidential election, Osama Bin Laden released one of his videotaped “reminders” that he’s still at-large – and McCain had publicly licked his political chops at the time.

The 18 minute tape contained Bin Laden’s declaration that the U.S. was still in Al Qaeda’s crosshairs.

McCain’s response to that tape? “I think it’s very helpful to President Bush.”

Of course that was back when McCain “straight talked” himself out of the presidency.

He knows today that Barack Obama is steadily rising to double digit leads in the polls, so he’ll have to figure out a way to stem that tide.
He might authorize his campaign staff to conduct their own search for Bin Laden. If they find him, they won’t put him in leg irons – they’ll sit him in front of a camera.

They’ll hold that tape until October. They’ll release it then, with the hopes Bush will raise Security Alert level to Red. When the campaign ends, McCain can release his campaign memoirs on Amazon.com.

I can’t wait to read the chapter titled: THE HUNT FOR A RED OCTOBER.