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 July, 2008


 Republicans Attack Obama/Clinton Unity

Say Cheese
By Al Owens

Just minutes (five minutes to be exact) after the dust had settled and that huge Democratic rainbow shown brightly above Unity, New Hampshire the other day – those 24 hour news cyclists sprung into action.

On MSNBC, while Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama were still shaking hands and greeting eager well-wishers, a “Republican strategist,” John Feehery, offered his take.

“I thought it was kind of cheesy myself. If the Democrats have to be still working on their unity theme right now, I think they’re in trouble coming into the November election,” claimed Feehery, whose credentials are so fuzzy they even misspelled his name.

He does have SOME credibility. Feehery was once the Executive Vice President for Global Government Relations and Global Public Relations for the Motion Picture Association of America. (I’d like to call him the Exec. VP for the GGR and GPR for the MPA of A – for short)

Not only that, he apparently doesn’t even know CHEESY when he sees it.

During any political campaign, there are moments of theatre that may not ring true. The galvanization of two warring Democratic camps certainly must have rung true enough for Democrats.

The 24 hour news cycle, however, needed to inject some form of tragedy into the theatrics, even if there was none.

James Carville, a known Clinton partisan, failed to find any tragedy that evening, despite the repeated efforts by CNN’s Anderson Cooper to get him to bite.
Carville just kept saying that he would have only been shocked if there hadn’t been some kind of Obama/Clinton political marriage.
But let’s get back to that “cheesy” comment by the ex-Exec. VP for the GGR and GPR for the MPA of A – John Feehery.

Where was he on May 1st, 2003, when our current president landed on the USS Abraham Lincoln in full battle regalia, and he appeared in front of that big sign that read MISSION ACCOMPLISHED?

You talk about cheesy. That was cheesy. It would have been even cheesier if it hadn’t been for the then Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld, who’d spotted the phrase “Mission Accomplished” in the text of the president’s speech – and had it removed.
Feehery wasn’t around that October day in 2005, when George W. Bush was supposedly having “a conversation with U.S. troops,” over a two way teleconference with them in Iraq, and him in Washington.
Feehery didn’t comment on the cheesiness involved when the troops had been coached by Allison Barber, the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Internal Communications and Public Liaison. (The DPAS of D for IC and PL)

The cheese factor was particularly aromatic, because somebody happened to roll a tape that revealed the entire “event” had been staged.

Cheesy cuts both ways. I’m not talking Velveeta here. It’s more like Limburger when the Republican talking points du jour are regurgitated on every cable news show that Barack Obama talks bi-partisanship – but he’s really very much against it.

Unfortunately, that particular Cheese Puff was dispatched a day or two after a Republican Senator from Oregon, Gordon Smith, who’s running for re-election, actually bragged in his campaign commercial about his specific bi-partisan efforts in the Senate with some U.S. Senator named Barack Obama.

And the cheese was flowing like the Mississippi River in a John McCain conference call on Friday, when Kansas Senator Sam Brownback blasted Obama’s supposed partisan ways by claiming, “I think that the biggest thing I’ve seen from Barack Obama is a willingness, aggressiveness, to talk bipartisan and yet to vote the hard left — most liberal member of the United States Senate.”

Within minutes, Brownback’s adherence to the Republican game plan had begun resembling a slice of week old Swiss cheese.

Internet sleuths found a number of pieces of legislation on which he and Obama had diligently worked together.

He’d even sent out a complimentary press release in May of 2007 on their joint efforts on something called, “The Iran Sanction Enabling Act.”

In fact, Obama had also co-sponsored another piece of Brownback legislation back in 2005.

Now that’s not cheesy, Sen. Brownback.

That’s just plain old sleazy.