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 September, 2008


 The Age of Bloggers

Beware of the Bloggers
By Al Owens

I’ve heard, but I haven’t quite confirmed it yet, that Barack Obama and Sarah Palin once met in a Las Vegas hotel and together they smoked a joint.

If I had an internet blog, and I posted that (admittedly false) statement, it would soon turn into grist for supporters of both Obama and Palin.

Why? Unsubstantiated nonsense is ruling this presidential campaign season, more than any before it.

A few days ago, my cousin sent me the link to a video of a young black man who swears he’s the real father of Bristol Palin’s baby.
“Kevin,” as he calls himself, claims he’s from Los Angeles, but he visited his uncle in Alaska last summer.

“Kevin’s” straight-faced sincerity is compelling. “While I was in Wasilla, Bristol and I conceived a child,” he says.
The first red flag went up when I heard the words “last summer.”

If, as he claims, he’d fathered Bristol’s child back then, she’d be about 15 months pregnant today.

The second sign there are darker forces at work is the frequent edits in the video.
But the clincher came when “Kevin” mentioned he’s a budding rap artist, and he supplies a link to his myspace.com web site, that doesn’t have a single word on it about his alleged liaisons with Bristol Palin.

Instead, you’re blasted with rap music (apparently “Kevin’s”), that leave no doubt that’s he’s playing a cruel joke.

But that still hasn’t stopped internet bloggers from taking him seriously.
So seriously, some Obama supporters are beaming about the possibility that Sarah Palin has dreamed up a white father for her daughter’s baby, to avoid there being an interracial family tie that unbinds her from her ultra-conservative base.

The internet travels at light speed. Common sense at a snail’s pace. “Kevin,” more than anybody, knows that.

If you find that clip, you can find even more internet-rumors-gone-wild.

One reader’s comments I found on one of the many web pages running it, further advanced the notion that Palin’s family would prefer a white father to a black one for Bristol’s baby.
They brought up another rumor that Sarah Palin had been overheard making a racist and a sexist comment – in one sentence.

She’d been having a meal with friends in a restaurant when she was supposedly talking about Obama’s nomination over Hillary Clinton. “So Sambo beat the B-----h,” the author claimed.

Nothing, I mean nothing, has been written on any LEGITIMATE web site that supports that statement. It had been originally posted by a decidedly left wing blogger in California, who apparently is gaining fame by making something up that bears no proof it ever took place.

Oh, the internet is a great place to visit, but I wouldn’t want to live there.
It’s where anybody can say anything, and there’s nobody around to disprove even the most outrageous tale.

One of the funniest is the current rumor that’s being passed that Palin’s extreme creationist views have led her to say, “God made dinosaurs 4,000 years ago as ultimately flawed creatures, lizards of Satan really.”

That statement was supposed to have been made to a reporter. Unfortunately, for people who want to believe and then spread such nonsense, it had really been posted as a joke.
The person who made-up the statement never realized anybody would take it seriously. Some people have. They’re repeating that statement as proof of something or other.

It used to be that presidential campaigns were about jobs, health care and stuff we call care about. The computer and a connection to worldwide lies and bad jokes provide the fuel for people hoping to ingest them, and then pass them on.

Obama has told his wife he’d like to have an affair with the actress Halle Berry. Not true.

Sarah Palin has already had an extra-marital affair.
False. That is, unless you believe the latest National Enquirer “investigation.”

The Democrats threw away all of those flags they waved during the Democratic National Convention.

Matt Drudge, who’s forever getting disproven, got that one disproved immediately. The rumor, however, still flourishes. Edward A. Owens of Uniontown is
Webmaster of “Red Raider Nation: Where Champions Live.” E-mail him at freedoms@bellatlantic.net