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 October, 2008


 It's Time to Vote, Don't You Think?

Let’s Vote
By Al Owens

Harry Truman got himself reelected just two weeks, and two days after the day I was born.

Back then, I was a Republican. (I didn’t quite develop any real capacity for rational thought until I reached kindergarten)

There I was, drooling in my crib, when I opened the Morning Herald on November 3rd, 1948 – and I read that terrifying headline: TRUMAN SURPRISES!

It was enough to make me swallow my pacifier.

I’d fallen into the trap of believing the latest Gallup poll. That Thomas E. Dewey, the Republican governor of New York, would become the new president of the United States.

I didn’t know, until I could learn to read whole sentences, that the polls had been wrong.

Those Gallup people hadn’t anticipated the undecided vote, would eventually decide to vote for Truman.
Gallup had made the decision to stop counting potential votes a week before the election. It was the biggest polling blunder in the history of presidential polls.

Tuesday will mark the 16th presidential election since I was born. As I write this, Barack Obama is leading John McCain in just about all of the major polls.

And there are probably as many polls as there are people. I don’t care. There is only one poll that really matters. The Al Owens Pulse Beat/Common Sense Poll has Barack Obama up by 100% over John McCain. You do the math.

If you don’t, I will. I didn’t conduct any extensive telephone surveys to arrive at my conclusion. I just looked in the mirror.

On election day, Obama will have withstood 552 days of questioning about: flag pins, his birth place, his “missing” birth certificate, his ex-preacher Jeremiah Wright, Bill Ayers, his supposed Muslim background, his accused ties to the “Chicago” style politics, his ‘lipstick on a pig’ comment, his supposed “socialist” intentions, his alleged “plagiarism,” his (somehow) negative celebrity status, his wife’s rumored “hatred” for America, his oft-mentioned “lack of experience” in light of his inability to answer 3 AM phone calls, his misreported refusal to salute the American flag, his newly defined deficiency for once being a community organizer, his falsely reported ultra-liberal inclinations, his unfairly claimed arrogance, his suddenly negative gift of inspirational speechmaking and, of course, the fact he is Barack Obama.

Yet, most of the polls (the ones other than mine) show he could whip John McCain’s butt.

No amount of phony bluster that Obama will turn our country into a fourth rate power, has stuck.

John McCain and Sarah the Shopper are going down – and they’re taking their fellow Republicans with them.
‘Tis a pity.

That “Joe the Plumber” nonsense is just another example of how their political campaign is really showing voters how chaotic their administration would be.

They’ve simply lied about the fact that the Obama campaign has “investigated” their precious “Joe.” (His full name is really Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher. I’ve never heard Obama or one of his surrogates even mention that, or the numerous flaws in the “Joe the Plumber” resume)
They’ve even gone so far as to say that “Joe,” when confronting Obama told him his plan “sounds like socialism.”

Once again, there’s videotape of the entire meeting between Obama and Wurzelbacker. “Joe” never used the word socialism, or socialistic or anything like it.

When “Joe” did surface at a McCain rally, though, he agreed with a questioner in the audience when he advanced the notion that a vote for Obama would be a vote for the “death of Israel.”

“I'm going to go ahead and agree with you on that,” Joe, er Samuel replied.

Even Fox News, of all people, was appalled by such conclusions at a political rally.

Fox’s Shepard Smith confronted “Joe/Sam” about his attack on Obama.

‘Barack Obama has said repeatedly, time-after-time, that there is nothing more important than the United States friendship with Israel. He could not have been clearer about that in his positions and in his speeches,” Smith said.

“Joe/Sam,” evermore the McCain loyalist, indicated he’d formed that opinion based on everything he’s heard.

Ironically, he’d probably heard that right on Fox News.

Edward A. Owens of Uniontown is Webmaster of “Red Raider Nation: Where Champions Live.” E-mail him at freedoms@bellatlantic.net