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 January, 2009


 Guilt By Association is the Republican's Only Weapon

Republicans: Their Guilt by Disassociation

It used to happen all the time. That is, while I was serving in Vietnam, some fellow G.I. would ask me where I was from. That was always a good conversation starter, I guess, because everybody seems to have a hometown.

My reply was always the same, “Uniontown, Pennsylvania – near Pittsburgh.” That usually led to an equally familiar reply. “I know so-and-so from Philadelphia. Have you ever met him,” they’d ask as if Philadelphia is in close proximity to Fayette County. To them it was.

But they hardly ever stopped there. Next, they’d offer a description of the person because, to them, there was simply no way two people who live 297 miles apart – could not be intimate friends.

That’s the same kind of silly logic right wingers have applied to the supposed “link” between Barack Obama and Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich.

They’re from the same state. They’re both Democrats. They’re both “Chicago politicians.” They must be in cahoots.

Gee, Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan came from the same state. They were both Republicans. I guess Reagan wasn’t as scandal-free as I’d imagined.

George W. Bush, you’d better watch out. Tom DeLay (the former Republican Majority Leader, who is still awaiting trial on charges he conspired to violate federal campaign laws), is ruining your legacy. Strike that. You’re doing a might fine job of that yourself.

Guilt by association is the only thing the folks on the right seem to have going for them these days. Somebody please tell them (I know I won’t) that tactic failed miserably in November. It’s making them appear downright silly today.

Federal prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald made it explicitly clear that it was not the actions of Obama, or anybody on his staff he was particularly interested in targeting, when he issued his criminal complaint earlier this month.

That’s when right wing diehards pulled out their “I told you so’s” and spread them thick through the media. They even brushed off that tired old (and rightfully) abandoned John McClain line that implies that all “Chicago politicians” are on the take - to cast renewed doubt on the error of the ways of 66,882,230 voters.

Obama’s denials meant “he’s hiding something.”

His repeated statements that he’d been asked not to release specific details regarding his replacement in the U.S. Senate with Blagojevich - until a later date – meant “he’s REALLY hiding something.” Fitzgerald even released a statement that buttressed Obama’s reluctance to “tell all.” That didn’t matter. Our next president, to some, is Al Capone sans scar. (I’m not quite sure if Capone was a Democrat or a Republican. Wikipedia just calls him a gangster)

All anybody would have to do is to have read that complaint, and they could have saved themselves a lot of veiled shadow-casting.

While it’s clear that some form of contact had been made between Obama’s staff and Blagojevich's – there wasn’t even a hint that Blagojevich was about to get handed a piece of the action.

So, when the Obama report was finally released last week, it revealed there was a good reason he hadn’t been as forthcoming as the folks on the right (now egg-faced) had wanted him to be. He, too, had been interviewed by Fitzgerald -and so had Obama’s chief-of-staff Rahm Emanuel.
Neither, the report claims, has done anything wrong.

You can expect those folks on the right aren’t going to settle for the truth. It makes them feel uncomfortable when facts get in the way of their fairy tales.

Like that stuff about the supposed exorbitant salaries pulled down by union workers at U.S. automobile plants.

Oh, did I tell you there’s another major automobile company that’s losing money by the buckets full?

Yep, it’s Toyota. For the first time in the company’s 70 year history, Toyota is losing money.

With the focus being on Obama’s non-contacts with Gov. Rod Blagojevich, Republicans haven’t had much time to blame Toyota’s free-spending, union loving…what’s that?

Toyota doesn’t have any unions? You’re kidding.

Well, they’ll just stay glued to Obama then. He’s a “Chicago politician,” you know.

Edward A. Owens of Uniontown is Webmaster of “Red Raider Nation: Where Champions Live.” E-mail him at freedoms@bellatlantic.net