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 March, 2009


 Republicans Can't Find a Real Leader

More Fun that a Barrel of Republicans

I never thought I’d say this, but George W. Bush has emerged as the smartest Republican in American.

He hasn’t said anything that’s made me choke on my morning brew in a month. For high profile Republicans he’s the exception.

Recently, so many Republicans have shot themselves in the foot – the NRA may issue a challenge the 2nd Amendment.

Republicans are leaderless, at war with themselves, clearly at a loss for any coherent message and – at present – fun to watch self-destruct.

Here’s why.

Bobby Jindal. He’s the Louisiana governor who gave his hilariously inept response to President Obama’s speech to Congress two weeks ago. Jindal made fun of stimulus money set aside for “volcano monitoring.”

Clearly, the governor of a state that’s faced one of the worst natural disasters in the nation’s history should’ve been reluctant to poke fun at money that could help prevent the loss of lives during natural disasters in other states. He wasn’t. He had cheap political points to make.

Days later it was discovered that a yarn Jindal spun during that speech about government meddling during Katrina had, in part, been embellished. Jindal’s stock dropped like your 401K.

Michael Steele. He’s the new RNC chair who’s rapidly becoming an endless series of punch lines. His foremost task, he says, is to broaden the Republican Party by sending out “messengers” to attract young, Hispanic and black voters.

He wants to let them know his is the “conservative party” that stands on “principles” and, “we want to apply them to urban-suburban hip-hop settings.” (Somebody please tell Steele the leading consumers of hip-hop are suburban white males, and the Republican Party has no shortage of those)

Steele’s response to Jindal is even more stupefying. On a radio show Steele gave Jindal some “slum love.”
The explanation? Jindal is of Indian descent. There’s currently a highly popular movie set in India titled “Slumdog Millionaire.”

Steele, who’s black, should be more aware than any RNC chair in history how some racially charged comments should remain unsaid. And that leads us to Michelle Bachman.

Steele had given a speech the other day, and Congresswoman Bachman (R-Min.), responded from the dais with the curious refrain, “You be da man.” “You be da man.”

Bachman, who must be the leader of the Ebonics wing of the Republican Party, must’ve thought Steele could only understand her if she impersonated a 13 year-old black kid - circa 1990.

Bachman has had a long history of saying the wrong thing at the wrong times.

Last fall, before the general election, she appeared on MSNBC and went into a tirade about the anti-American members of congress, and of course, Barack Obama.

You could hear the loud thud caused by the host’s jaw hitting the floor. Within days, as Bachman’s reelection bid took a sudden turn for the worse, she appeared on another cable news show – to deny saying what the entire world had watched her say.

Richard Shelby. He’s the Republican Senator from Alabama who recently played the “Obama really isn’t an American” card. Shelby, by the way, needs to get his watch repaired. It’s about six months behind. The election was over in November. He still thinks its October.

There’s Steele & Limbaugh. That’s the best comedy team since Martin and Lewis.

First, Rush Limbaugh gives an angry 90 minute speech that seems to indicate he’s the new leader of the leaderless Republican Party.

Within hours Steele responds by saying Limbaugh is really just an “entertainer.” That he’s “incendiary” and whose words could be “ugly.”

The next thing you know Limbaugh claimed Steele should do the job he was elected to do instead of being “some talking-head media star." (Isn’t that exactly what Rush Limbaugh is?)

That, too, was just another way of saying Michael Steele “doesn’t know his place.”

Steele apologized. “I was maybe a little bit inarticulate.” I’m surprised he didn’t say, “Rush, You be da man.”

There are daily signals the Republican Party is coming apart at its foundation.

This could be a job for Joe the Plumber.

Edward A. Owens of Uniontown is Webmaster of “Red Raider Nation: Where Champions Live.” E-mail him at freedoms@bellatlantic.net