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 October, 2009


 Rush Limbaugh's NFL Ownership Failure

The Intentional Grounding of Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh is “colorblind.” That’s what he claims. If I hadn’t heard dozens of examples that belie that faulty self-diagnosis, I’d believe him.

Since he’s been revealed as something of a closet racist by his potential NFL co-owners, he could always try to buy the Harlem Globetrotters.

Not the team, but the individual players.

He has enough money to put them on a plantation, grow cotton, build luxury slave’s quarters and ensure that his property/players will be able to sire the requisite offspring so that the Washington Generals will never win another game.

This story should have come and gone without a furor.

You know, the one where Limbaugh publicly floated his desire to co-own the NFL’s St. Louis Rams, but his investment-mates nixed any possible deal, because they feel Limbaugh’s racially insensitive rhetoric wouldn’t make a real good fit.

Especially since the league is comprised of an estimated 75% African Americans. Limbaugh, still, has claimed it “all too often looks like a game between the (largely African American gangs) Bloods and the Crips.”

Instead of Limbaugh taking a long look in a double-wide mirror to figure out why his would-be business partners saw him as a potential albatross – he blamed everybody but himself.

That’s classic Limbaugh.

It was the liberal media, or social activists like the Rev. Al Sharpton, but not himself for earning the near universal thumbs down from anybody who’s ever even seen a football game.

To Limbaugh it was “all about smearing mainstream, traditional conservatism.”

Yeah, right. Limbaugh, remember, was summarily asked to leave his job as an ESPN pre-game analyst in 2003, because he couldn’t keep his “traditional conservatism” to himself.

NFL football, as far as I know, is as “colorblind” as America gets. There are still a few wrinkles to iron out in the areas of minority ownerships and coaching, but otherwise I don’t care what political parties Heath Miller (currently my favorite Steeler), or Ben Roethlisberger belong to, when they hook up on third and long.

Limbaugh, in that nasty bit of pre-game business in 2003, figured on his own that the NFL had been colorblind long enough. He decided to “analyze” the popularity of Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Donavan McNabb, by determining he was merely a media darling – since he’s black.

"The media has been very desirous that a black quarterback do well," was Limbaugh’s curious answer to a question nobody asked.

It was the crowning achievement in a football analysis career that had lasted a scant week or two.

(For the record, Donavan McNabb is the Eagles’ all-time leader in career wins, pass attempts, pass completions, passing yards and passing touchdowns. He’s lead his team to four division titles, five NFC championship games and a Super. Every time McNabb throws another touchdown, it must be like sticking a pin in a Rush Limbaugh voodoo doll.)

Limbaugh must’ve mistakenly thought his famous 2003 missive would have been forgotten.

He wanted to join the NFL corporate family because, “I love football, I love being close to it. Every year my love for the National Football League grows.”

Yes Rush, but football really doesn’t love you. Not the players, not the player’s union, not the other team owners, not even the true fans of the game who’d prefer to take a little time away from conservatism or liberalism each Sunday – and just enjoy cheering for (or against) the team colors of their choice.

All of that was is a preface to the latest development in the Limbaugh/NFL saga.

Instead of allowing the controversy to fade, he’s now blaming the Obama administration for his ill-fated co-ownership attempt.

He’s claiming, and without a shred of evidence, that President Obama’s Attorney General, Eric Holder, once had a legal counsel, DeMaurice Smith, who is now the head of the NFL Players Association - and that Smith caused his NFL aspirations to be defeated.

"Obama people have got their hooks in the NFL now," Limbaugh says.

Nice try Rush. But Obama, like Donavan McNabb, has nothing to prove – at least to you.

Edward A. Owens is a three time Emmy Award winner and 20 year veteran of television news. E-mail him at freedoms@bellatlantic.net