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 November, 2009


 How Republicans Keep Paying For Abortions?

How Republicans Pay for Abortions

This just in; Republicans have been paying for elective abortions since 1991.

Republicans who’ve energetically supported a GOP platform that says abortions are "a fundamental assault on innocent human life," may have unknowingly helped foot the bill for elective abortions in the past, and could be in the future.

Here’s how that happened. The RNC (Republican National Committee) provides a standard benefit employee health insurance plan through Cigna. That coverage provides for elective abortions.

Since 1991, RNC employees could have had abortions paid for through the plan.

RNC Chair Michael Steele recently discovered the coverage existed and he’s vowed to end it. But that might not be the end of the story.

Whenever donors send their money to the RNC, part of that money goes to Cigna to pay its health care premiums.

Even if the RNC stops paying for abortions through its own plan, Cigna puts the RNC premium money into a pool.

Unless the RNC is the only entity that gets its health insurance through Cigna (it isn’t) then somebody at some other institution could have their abortions paid for out of that pool.

In other words, if you support the RNC, you could also be supporting elective abortions.

Oh My.

Then there’s those pesky little Cigna-based “death panels.”

Well, that’s not my phrase. That’s what ultra-conservative Republicans called that proposal in the Democrat’s health care reform package that called for end-of-life planning.

Cigna has its own “death panels,” er, end-of-life planning. Republicans may have been paying for it (in some form) since the RNC signed onto Cigna - 18 years ago.

I’m delighted Republican money is being spent for such a worthwhile purpose.

I have to admit that America’s right wing is pretty good at throwing boomerangs, until that part when they fly back and smack them in the face.

Drawing battle lines on abortions and “death panels” seem logical, until you discover you just may have supported them all along.

Then there’s this stuff they call “Bow-gate.”

That’s after President Obama bowed to Japanese Emperor Akihito. You would have thought he’d given him the state of Texas or something. (Come to think of it, that wouldn’t have been such a bad idea after all)

Obama was merely adhering to Japanese custom by offering the Emperor the American equivalent of a handshake.

Not to right wingers and their paid hacks. Fox News’ Steve Doocy erupted into a tirade. “233 years of precedent dating back to the very founding of this republic, American leaders do not bow to leaders of other countries. But the president, there he is, bowing. He bowed to the King Abdullah earlier in the year as well,” he beamed.

Former Bushie, Karl Rove, was a little more succinct, but equally as inaccurate. “You know, an American president doesn’t bow down to anybody,” he added.

There goes that boomerang. Now, here comes that boomerang – and zap.

Both of them were wrong. Very wrong. The kind of wrong that comes with a picture and a caption.

"President Dwight Eisenhower BOWS as he acknowledges speech of greeting by French President Charles De Gaulle on his arrival at Le Bourget near Paris on Sept. 2, 1959,” read the caption to the accompanying picture.

Then there’s the picture of Richard Nixon bowing to another Japanese Emperor, Hirohito, in Alaska in 1971. That’s the same Emperor Hirohito who was the head-of-state when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor and who drew the United States into WWII.

Nixon didn’t hold any particular grudges that day, especially since he repeatedly called Hirohito and his wife “Your Imperial Majesties.”

If Nixon was known for anything (besides his little resignation and that Watergate thing), it was his exceptional command of foreign policy. Bowing to the leader of this country’s former enemy – didn’t diminish that.

It’s just that Republicans are getting increasingly sharp tongued, but dimwitted with their attacks.

I haven’t looked hard enough, but if there’s a snapshot floating around out there of Ronald Reagan shining Nelson Mandela’s shoes – I’m sure it would cause Karl Rove’s head to explode.

Edward A. Owens is a three time Emmy Award winner and 20 year veteran of television news. E-mail him at freedoms@bellatlantic.net