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 Ann Coulter Reply


 October, 2006


 Ann Coulter - Response to persistent attacks on Bill Clinton

It’s Bill Clinton’s Fault, Again!

By Al Owens
The President of the United States, William Jefferson Clinton, has messed up again. Why didn’t he stop those nasty old Koreans from joining that Nuclear Club? To me, he’s brought discredit to his office and he should face impeachment. Oh! What’s that? He’s no longer the president? Well, why didn’t somebody tell me and Ann Coulter.

I’ve been wondering when it was that Bill Clinton turned into a stumbling bumbling, rootin’ tootin’ cowboy! One who postures like Buffalo Bill, but who governs more like Buffalo Bob!

I’ve also been wondering why conservatives seem to drag Bill Clinton before the public, with every embarrassing development that befalls the current administration.

Kim Jong Il sets off a nuclear explosion. It’s Bill Clinton’s fault. A congressman gets caught sending love letters to teenagers. It’s the Democrats behind it. Too bad Ann Coulter wasn’t around during Watergate. She could have blamed the break-in on Jane Fonda and the cover-up on Bill Clinton!

It was our current Commander-in-Chief who warned the world about the “axis of evil” (Iran, Iraq and Korea) back in January of 2002. He’s good at warning us about those growing and gathering perils. He’s never been that good at doing anything about the things for which he warns us. Iran, since that “axis of evil” speech, is not only closer to joining the Nuclear Club, it’s showing increasing disdain with each new warning that comes out of the oval office.

Yet, conservatives are so eager to complain about Bill Clinton’s inability to handle the Koreans, they can recite that 1994 agreement that seemed to forestall any face-to-face confrontations between the United States and Korea. But they still can’t seem to find any effort by the current administration to even sit over a campfire under the night skies with the Koreans! George W. Bush is too busy riding the range to think about passing the peace pipe.

All of this seems to be the conservative’s desperate attempt to show that Republicans are on the job regarding national security. Oh! I feel so much more secure, with Koreans threatening to shoot nukes over my head, and world leaders everywhere lining up to take verbal target practice at our country and our president.

That darned Bill Clinton! He’s messed up again! He’s left us with this. A group of people who think it’s more important to find fault, than to find answers to the world’s growing problems. That’s good pre-election rhetoric. But then, pre-election rhetoric is all these people seem to know. No wonder they’re trying to turn that nuclear blast the other day into some kind of twisted campaign slogan.

And they’re still trying to convince Americans that if you vote for Democrats, we’ll pull out of Iraq the following day. They won’t run on that General’s recent prediction that we’ll need troops over there for at least four more years.

They’ll still try to convince the American public that it was the last president who stained all of Washington with his sordid late night escapades, but they won’t even mention the same thing about last week’s revelations.

These people are hilarious. Their capacity to avoid the obvious is laughable.

In her current diatribe, Ann Coulter throws in the word hypocritical as it regards the Democrat’s supposed “grandstanding” when it comes to Mark Foley. Isn’t that a bit ironic? Hypocrite and hypocrisy are the very words of choice among left leaning pundits (and even some from the right) who’ve used those words to describe a political party that uses “family values” as a battering ram against it’s political enemies, but has hardly lived up to them themselves.

These conservatives invest so much time telling us what we’re supposed to think about, and how we’re supposed to think about what they think we’re supposed to think about, that I’m as confused them, as you were reading this sentence.

I think it’s Bill Clinton’s fault.