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 Ann Coulter Reply


 November, 2006


 Ann Coulter - Fear mongering before the 2006 elections

When Desperate, Play the Patriotism Card

By Al Owens
Early this morning I was shaken from a heavy sleep. Not by an alarm clock, but by back-to-back political campaign ads running on my bedroom television.

Senator Rick Santorum made me sit upright with his commercial. He warned me that, thanks to his senatorial opponent Bob Casey, North Korea and Iran are about to drop nukes on my head. That China is drilling for oil just 50 miles off America’s shores. That too, is somehow Casey’s fault. The booming voice on the ad implies that Casey had just dropped off a bunch of terrorists out in front of my house. But tail gunner Rick didn’t stop there. He wanted to let me know those terrorists aren’t even safe. ‘Cause he claims Casey’s illegal aliens will eventually elbow them right out of the way, so they can all become my next door neighbors – within minutes. All of this was accompanied by a musical soundtrack more fitting for Schindler’s List.

Then it was Casey’s turn. He didn’t look like the kind of person who’d appear in front of my house with a truckload of terrorists. In fact, in his campaign commercial he was standing in front of the US Capitol Complex. He was talking about the loss of jobs, lost health care insurance, the need to get a handle on outsourced jobs, and the need to raise the minimum wage.

The contrast was startling! Casey talked about making my life better. Santorum talked about how scared I should be.

The desperation on the political right has become so transparent they’re even playing the patriot card. That’s when you try to prove that Democrats and liberals don’t really care about America as much as they say they do. They, and in this case I mean Ann Coulter, will try to convince you that Democrats are just being foolhardy when they claim the war on terror is really only within the boundaries of Afghanistan. That when every statement made by every liberal, since the dawn of liberalism, is examined with a high powered microscope - they’re all traitors. (And perhaps the subject of a military tribunal)

This is desperation folks! The kind of stuff you get when you realize that hardly anybody with an ounce of common sense is really listening anymore.

Desperation will make a president deny he’s ever said something he’s said dozens of times, like stay the course. “It’s never been stay the course George”. That’s what George W. Bush told George Stephanopoulos the other day. The right has desperately tried to explain that one away all week.

So rightwing talk show host Rush Limbaugh decided he’d single-handedly change the subject. He attacked Michael J. Fox! Limbaugh claimed Fox, who suffers the highly visible effects of the loss of muscle control as a result of Parkinson’s disease (and the medication for it), “didn’t take his medication”, or “he was acting”, before appearing in some pro-stem cell research campaign ads. And worse, Limbaugh would later appear on camera mocking Fox’s involuntary response to that devastating malady. Limbaugh needed to throw the focus away from our forgetful president, and onto his own bad taste. Limbaugh has his own problems. They start with his absence of dignity.

Then there’s those racist campaign ads being shown in Tennessee. They end showing a blond with a come hither look and a smile aimed at the African-American candidate Congressman Harold Ford.
The desperate message to rightwing voters is clear. A vote for Ford, is a vote for race mixers. The kind of thing they could have gotten away with in 1906, not 2006. Even Ford’s opponent in that senatorial race, Ron Corker, admitted the ads are tacky. And he even demanded they stop running them. But Ken Mehlman, the Chairman of the Republican Committee defends those ads. Falling back on that threadbare nonsense about the Republican big tent, he claims there’s, “nothing more important we can do than to bring people together”. Except, of course, if you’re behind in the polls and you need to remind people that your hopes to retain control of the US Senate (and maybe even life as we know it) just may be jeopardized by somebody who could be guilty of that sin called of freedom of association.

These conservatives are either acting, they haven’t taken their medication - or they’re just plain desperate!