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 Ann Coulter Reply


 March, 2007


 Ann Coulter - More fallout about Coulter's "faggot" comment

In Defense of Ann Coulter

By Al Owens
I wish these people would stop picking on Ann Coulter. All she does is interfere with the real issues of the day (sometimes for weeks on end). So what’s wrong with that?

Last Friday, she stuck a big ole “Kick Me” sign on her back at the Conservative Political Action Conference – when she told a “joke” about Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards. She used the word “faggot” and even some Republicans honored that “Kick Me” sign!

She’s been the news ever since. I’ve searched all over Ebay for a mirror. I’m trying to find one I can send to Ann Coulter, that will allow her to look right into it and feel good about herself, but so far I’ve come up empty handed. I don’t think one of those exist.

Since her comment, four newspapers have dropped her weekly column, and her web site has reportedly lost a lot of advertisers. (Net Bank, Verizon, Washington Mutual, AT&T/Cingular, Dollar Rent-A-Car, SmileTrain.org, University of Phoenix, Sallie Mae, LasikPlus, Power Chord Academy, Gulf Shores.com/Alabama Gulf Coast Convention and Visitors Bureau, Ulta.com, and Yellow Pages.com)

By Monday, Ann Coulter had become everybody’s lead story. I envy her. She really knows how to get attention. Just make crude jokes that question somebody’s sexual preference – and you too can get on TV! You really have to admire the skillful ways she can make nonsense seem important.

Her last major self-promotion came at the expense of a few women who’d lost their husbands during 9/11. She wrote about them in her last book Godless: The Church of Liberalism. She called them broads and harpies, and claimed they were benefiting from the deaths of their husbands. That got nearly as much attention as her comments last weekend. But more than the comments she made at the same convention last year, when she called Muslins “ragheads”. She’s a stitch, isn’t she?

Many of the conservatives at the recent convention (the one’s who didn’t applaud her sick comments) have had a change of heart about Ann Coulter. They’ve seen the purpose of their weekend love fest get derailed by an unfunny joke. (She could have gotten away with it if she’d prefaced that thing with the words, “Did you hear the one about…”)

I say, Ann keep talking. And don’t lose that sense of humor. Liberals need you. You’ve become the poster child for everything that’s wrong with the moribund neo-conservative movement. Don’t leave. Next time call somebody the n-word. We’re waiting.

On Monday morning, there were two congressional hearings that could eventually reflect negatively on the Bush Administration. Walter Reed Army Medical Center was placed under a congressional microscope – and there have been charges that the president’s penchant for privatization could have been the reason for the deteriorating conditions there. And there were a handful of U.S. Attorneys who’ve hinted their firings were political – because they weren’t serving the interests of Republicans.

But by Monday night, it was wall-to-wall Ann Coulter. She deserved the coverage. She earned it. She’d managed to make herself more newsworthy than the neglect of our troops who’ve returned from Iraq, or Federal prosecutors casting a serious shadow on the White House. I envy her.

I want to get this important to Democrats as Ann Coulter has. I want to say things that make people bristle at the sound of my name. I want to go on Hannity and Colmes and claim, as Ann Coulter did, that Mitt Romney, Rudy Giuliani and John McCain aren’t very smart - because they’d each disapproved of her Friday night performance. They weren’t smart, because Barack Obama hadn’t fallen prey to similar complaints about David Geffen a few weeks back. He’d simply said he couldn’t account for Geffen’s statements, when Romney, Giuliani and McCain had disavowed hers.

Let’s keep Ann Coulter around so that when one of those three presidential candidates gets nominated we can remind her she thinks they’re dummies.

Every time, it seems, she opens her mouth – a fool runs out. But that’s not all bad. It’s the kind of thing Democrats can put on bumper stickers. It’s worthy of repeating when conservatives try to play the “liberals don’t support the troops” game. Liberals can always reply, “At least we don’t support Ann Coulter”.
So please, lay off Ann Coulter. Allow her to keep dropping those weapons of media distraction on her own political chums.

Scooter Libby is going from the White House to the big house, and Coulter wants to get him a pardon. She’s dragged out her old standbys Ted Kennedy and Bill Clinton in her column this week to make her point. Of course she’s making it in fewer newspapers and with the help of fewer sponsors since last Friday.

And I’m thinking Libby doesn’t really need her help. In fact, he just may be saying, “Thanks Ann. But no thanks”.
I’m wondering if there’s a leper colony for washed up political pundits. If there is one, maybe somebody can send Ann Coulter to it, providing she keeps telling those hilarious “jokes” after she gets there!