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 Winter, 1998


 Looking at crime through the filter of race

Crime By Race Index

By Al Owens
Let us, for the sake of discussion, suppose a foreign power has decided to declare war on The United States.
And let us, for the sake of the same discussion, suppose that foreign power happens to be Columbia.

Wouldn't every U.S. citizen mobilize to try to help defeat the enemy. Racial issues would most likely be laid aside, with a potential conqueror fighting to cross our doorsteps. Well, to some degree that war has already be declared and the casualties are mounting daily. Yet somehow many of us have not yet made aware that cocaine, in general and crack cocaine, specifically can be as devastating to all of us as hundreds of planes dropping thousands of pounds of explosives on all of us.

A bright young, civic minded African American told me the other day that his first encounter with a newly elected public official was quite disturbing.

When the official shook his hand he told him, "I want to do all I can for you people."
The young man says he felt distress when he heard such words.

If you people means all you black people then, according to the young man, the public official is in need of adjusting his way of thinking. Soon!!!

Hundreds of young Fayette Countians have become casualties of the tragic effects of drug commerce. And as a result we're all surrounded. Public officials who feel obliged to separate the people and problems in one community from the people and their problems in another, aren't doing anybody
any good.

If a misguided teenager gets busted for, or gets hooked on, drugs the entire community pays. No matter what community that child comes from, we all pay.

I've lived in a community that has determined that one group's problems are of no real concern to members of other groups. And because of that, I believe the City of Los Angeles is on the brink of some sort of civil war.

While living in Los Angeles I made it a sport to guess the races of suspects before they were discovered and apprehended. I was almost always right.

I had created my own unofficial Crime by Race Index.
If a 15 year old gets busted on a corner for selling a rock of cocaine. There is a fair chance that 15 year old is an African American.

If a 67 year old women gets clobbered with a nuisance complaint for having 150 underfed cats under her front porch. I'm pretty sure that lady is white.
If a young couple buys a couple of rocks from an undercover officer. I'm pretty sure they're white.

A kid gets busted for lifting 50 dollars from a gas station cash register. Black. An oil company executive gets busted for embezzling 150 million dollars. White. A serial killer, a mad bomber, a boy scout leader with a penchant for boy scouts. All white...A driveby shooting claims 5. Black or Latino.!
A mass suicide claims 30. White.

And the list goes on. I shared that list with you for one reason. Everyone of those crimes belong to us all. The races of the transgressors were really unimportant when seeking solutions to their transgressions.
A crazed man who parks a truck full of explosives in front of a government building isn't being selective about the race of his victims. We've all been known to stop what we were doing to watch in horror as innocent Americans had to pay for the vicious acts like them. And most of us felt helplessness at yet another American tragedy unfolding before our very eyes.

An American tragedy. Not "Your problem", not "Our problem". Everybody's problem!!

If our young bright sons and daughters have been misguided to the extent that corner commerce has more value, than do morality and legality, then that too is an American problem. Public officials who seem to think there is validity in Crime by Race indexes, are an American problem as well. My index is for recreation. Theirs is for keeps.