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 Ann Coulter Reply


 January, 2007


 Ann Coulter - Another strange assault of on the left

Please Find her a Man

By Al Owens
I’ve resolved that there’s nothing more invigorating than reading an Ann Coulter column. Especially when she apparently hasn’t had her medication before she writes one.

Ann please, take your Lithium before writing these things. It’s in the medicine cabinet right beside your bottle of Viagra. Don’t try to tell me you don’t slip a Viagra now and again. Why else would you be so preoccupied with sex? Not just sex. But the sex habits of people who aspire to, or who have served as president.

Bill Clinton left office 2562 days before you penned your latest buffoonery. Yet, you’re still obsessed with his sex life. (And, by inference, his presidential candidate wife’s) To you, Hillary Clinton is the “horny hick's wife” who’d become the first woman ever elected to the office of president “after her husband had sex with an intern in the Oval Office”. In a way, that’s true. In the same way saying, Ann Coulter, if elected president, would be the first women ever causing Bill Clinton to get dry heaves when thoughts of sleeping with Ann Coulter pop into his head!

Truth sometimes needs to remain un-Coulterized.

But beyond her drooling about the dalliances of people who aren’t as loony as Ann Coulter, I found a bit of fearful patter about the unlikelihood presidential frontrunners (Hillary Clinton’s the current Democratic frontrunner, of course) will actually accent to the presidency - years before the election.

Those polls don’t mean anything, Ann claims. Polls are about people who’d say the wrong thing to any question asked. Seems to me they asked the right question on November 7th last, and she can’t handle that one either.

In fact, daily polls show George W. Bush rapidly gaining the popularity of raw liver sandwiches and people are paying a lot of attention to them. Why Ann Coulter doesn’t believe them, must have something to do with that medicine cabinet.

CNN/Opinion Research Corporation Poll? 63% of Americans disapprove of the way the president is doing his job.
Don’t believe in that poll? Well, the CBS, NBC Wall Street, ABC/Washington Post, Newsweek and Gallup polls are all about the same. All of those polled dummies, according to Ann Coulter, must not know what job disapproval means. They’re as dumb as those voters were a few months ago.

Barrack Obama doesn’t get some kind of sexual innuendo thrown at him. She simply returns to the same old tired line about his middle name being Hussein. Repetitiveness can be cured easily, if she sticks to her medication. But she’s got axes to grind, so she’ll lay off the pills for now. And besides, it’s worth a good laugh at times.

Like the point she makes about Hillary Clinton, Arianna Huffington, John Kerry and Nancy Pelosi all taking “cheap paths to glory”. This one’s as easy as heck!

Who do we know who avoided a tour in Vietnam, got himself a few cushy jobs that saved him from getting real ones, and who is constantly being compared to his far more skillful father? Why I’m talking about our current commander-in-chief, George W. Bush.

Instead of Bush heading the top of the list of people benefiting from some close ties to people of means (an obvious leader in that category), he got omitted by Ann Coulter. Maybe she, like most Americans aren’t including him in much of anything these days.

But at the bottom of this week’s column she even omits herself. That’s where she returns to Hillary Clinton, calls her a “chick”, as she pries open that nasty can of worms about people who’re qualified to discuss wars, when they haven’t taken the time to engage in one themselves. Of course, Ann Coulter misinterprets what the real liberal beef is about all of that. The operative words are, “people who START wars”, who haven’t served their country when it was time to serve it.

Coulter went out of her way to imply that Hillary Clinton should “butt out” when talking about war. Something Ann Coulter needs to do on her way back to her medicine cabinet!