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 Ann Coulter Reply


 December, 2006


 Ann Coulter - Target New York Times and defend the war

Let’s Let the Decider Decide

By Al Owens
For the record, I used to review movies. That, according to Ann Coulter, would make me ineligible to have opinions about matters other than movies. At least I think that’s what she’s saying.

In her latest attack on the New York Times (she’s made more than two dozen mainly negative references to the Times since early September) she pens a prolonged pout directed at Frank Rich, the Times’ theatre critic/op-ed columnist.

Rich, you should know, has compared Iraq to Vietnam on a number of occasions. That’s enough to send Coulter to her computer keyboard – on a number of occasions too. Apparently not to dispute his claims, but to somehow attack Rich for having an opinion unlike the ones she has - or has had.

Back in May of 2003, a day or two after George W. Bush prematurely announced the mission in Iraq had been accomplished, Coulter wrote, “They said Americans would turn against the war as our troops came home in body bags. That didn’t happen”. Oh yes it did!

She went further. “They claimed American troops were caught in another Vietnam quagmire. That didn’t happen.” Oh yes it did!

Three years and seven months after Bush and Coulter made their statements, at least the president has awakened to the realities of a war gone wild. “We’re not succeeding nearly as fast as I wanted”, he told reporters yesterday. Translation: WE’RE IN A QUAGMIRE.

The president doesn’t seem to be as plain spoken as he was in 2003. Who could blame him? He must be listening to all of those generals who keep saying, things keep getting worse everyday over there.
On the other hand, Coulter, who now appears to be the only remaining member of the Mission Accomplished Club, wants wage war on Frank Rich. Remember, she’s the same person who was proud to have exclaimed that, “Liberals hate God and America.” If I was Frank Rich, I’d hire a bodyguard.

Oh there are some differences between Iraq and Vietnam. The American public soured on Iraq much quicker than it did during the Vietnam War. There weren’t any generals publicly sounding skeptical about the outcome in Vietnam. No former Secretaries of Defense during the 1960’s or ’70’s issuing statements that directly disputed the assertions of the Commander-in-Chief the way Colin Powell did the other day. George Bush says we need to boost troop levels in Iraq. Colin Powell says he can’t figure out why.

Now the Pentagon is asking the president for more money. The request would send this year’s war on terror budget to 170 billion dollars. That amount would mean this war (and the war in Afghanistan) will cost the American taxpayer more money than during all of Vietnam. (An estimated 670 billion dollars for Iraq, while the war in Vietnam only cost 636 billion)

So I can see why somebody, who’d rather attack people who have common sense than find some of her own, couldn’t think of any similarities between Vietnam and Iraq. Not to mention, this one’s getting even worse.
Yet the far-right still wants America to cling to the silly notion that we must “win” this war. Even the president likes to use the word victory as if victory is still a foregone conclusion. Doesn’t he remember that President Lyndon Baines Johnson used that word until he didn’t believe it either? I wonder what George W. was doing at the time.

So the Ann Coulters of the world claim liberals are nothing more than weak-kneed, Pro-terrorists, with nothing on their minds except surrender in Iraq. Yet there are people on both sides of the political spectrum lining up on cable news shows every night who’ve had enough of this war, and they aren’t ashamed to admit it.

It’s too bad liberals are the only ones who get blamed for it, by people who apparently have no shame!