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 Ann Coulter Reply


 February, 2007


 Ann Coulter - Barack Obama makes a speach, and pays

They Broke the Mold

By Al Owens
I’d always thought when they made Ann Coulter, they broke the mold. But I’ll amend that thought right here and right now. I’m sure they broke the mold, BEFORE they made her!

Barack Obama officially announced his candidacy for president the other day. No better time for Ann Coulter to crank up her campaign against him.

From what I can tell, Coulter’s main complaint is that Obama doesn’t say much when he speaks. Or that he commits the worst crime of all – he uses soaring rhetoric.

I’m sure glad she didn’t cover the Sermon on the Mount. She would have given Jesus low marks for that thing about peacemakers being called the sons of God. (Ultra-conservatives think peacemaking is a waste of time)

The simple fact is people who speak publicly (especially politicians) are given to pep talks and pep rallies. It may be some form of theatre, but most people recognize that.
When Obama stood in front 15 thousand of his supporters in Springfield, Illinois last Saturday, none of them expected him to lay out, in minute detail, his plan for re-shaping America. They’d gone there to hear words that would convince them that standing in the cold for hours was worth the wait. By all accounts (except Ann Coulter’s) those people got what they wanted.

Too bad she was only two years old when Martin Luther King, Jr. told America – he had a dream. She may have advanced the notion dreaming doesn’t really help anybody. No need to pay any attention to some guy who uses the word dream 11 times in a speech. Dreams don’t have anything to do with voting rights.
Ronald Reagan, John F. Kennedy, and Walter Mondale each spoke of a ‘city upon a hill’. Ann Coulter would have asked where that city was. And why are those people talking about cities when we’re worried about the country?

Barack Obama has a flair for communicating. When he speaks, people listen. Most people listen. Ann Coulter runs for her keyboard. That’s because she knows just how to give a stem-winding speech. Like that day at the University of Arizona back in 2004, when she got her audience so worked up – a couple of people rushed the stage and tried to hit her with a pie.

So she’s in a great position to offer criticisms about how people should speak in public?

“Let the word go forth from this time and place, to friend and foe alike, that the torch has been passed to a new generation of Americans”.
You’ve got to wonder how Ann Coulter could have attacked those words. They’re from John F. Kennedy’s 1961 inauguration speech.

Barack Obama used similar rhetoric the other day. “Each and every time, a new generation has risen up and done what’s needed to be done. Today we are called once more, and it is time for our generation to answer that call”. To that, Coulter offers some grade school humor about changing long-distance providers. Good one Ann! It’s time for recess.

I’ve saved the best part of this for last. Politicians use campaign speeches to galvanize their support. They’re on a stage, so why not offer up a few dramatic flourishes that contain built-in applause lines? Who does it hurt, except Ann Coulter?

And besides, it’s the day-to-day speaking of George “The decider” Bush that seems far more troubling than anything Barack Obama has said in public to date.

“Families is where our nation finds hope, where wings take dream.” – George W. Bush October 18th, 2000.
I fainted for all the wrong reasons when I heard that one.
“You’re working hard to put food on your family.” – George W. Bush January 27th, 2000.
They call that assault, Mr. Bush.
“Our enemies are innovative and resourceful, and so are we.

They never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people, and neither do we.” – George W. Bush August 5th, 2004. Hum? That one has a ring of truth. I think he may have been thinking about his legacy when he said that.

We’ll never read a word about how our current president frequently gets in the middle of sentences - and he appears to forget in what town he’s speaking. Or how he sometimes just makes up words (“misunderestimated me”, - George W. Bush November 6th, 2000)

Nope! Barack Obama is placed under that unique microscope with the lens that’s fitted only for the myopic. The one that finds flaws where there are none, to deflect people’s attention away from that guy who has real serious problems constructing simple sentences.