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 Ann Coulter Reply


 December, 2006


 Ann Coulter - Attack on the Iraq Study Group findings

I’d Thought the Election Was Over

By Al Owens
What I really need now is for somebody who couldn’t find the business end of a Super Soaker to lecture me about heroes and heroism - patriots and patriotism. Ann Coulter, who still seems unwilling to accept the election results from a month and a half ago, seems to be standing alone in her call to arms against those fascist Democrats.

The claim that the Democrats ran out and snatched “phony patriots” off the street to run against Republicans in November is almost beneath her dignity. Almost. I’m starting to think nothing is beneath it.

If what she’s claiming is true, the Democrats ran a bunch of former G.I. Joes just to “fool” the voting public into thinking they were merely “gun-totin’ hawks” with a hidden agenda, then why didn’t the voters figure that out?

Maybe they were smarter than that. Maybe they wanted an end to the war as much as those candidates did.

And I really don’t want to drag out this old argument again, but Ann Coulter leaves me no alternative. The very people who started this thing in Iraq have less experience behind that Super Soaker than she has! The only two, Donald Rumsfeld (U.S. Navy from 1954-1957) and Colin Powell (U.S. Army from 1958 – 1993) are no longer among the Bush Administration’s cadre of combat deficient desk warriors.

But have no fear, George W. “how do you look in my flight suit” Bush, Karl Rove, Condi Rice and Dick “can I get me another one of them deferments, ‘cause I have ‘other priorities’ ” Cheney, Bill Frist, Tom Delay, and Dennis Hastert are still on the job! Talk about phony patriots! They should call themselves the Coalition of the Unwilling.
I know that statement was beneath my dignity. But you’ve got to understand, I’m a liberal, and a Vietnam vet too. I carried an M-16 and I don’t take kindly to people who had the chance to do the same thing, but who chose to throw spitballs then, and who’d question my patriotism now.

Ann Coulter’s questioning the foreign policy accomplishments of Democrats - when the current occupier of the Oval office can’t point to a single diplomatic or foreign policy achievement - is a joke in desperate need of a punch line. Starting a war in a foreign country that nobody seems to be able to stop – is not a foreign policy achievement.

Annie’s attack on the Iraq Study Group and its report (she predictably calls it the Iraq SURRENDER Group) is vintage Coulter. She claims they’re a group of dinosaurs who’ve been long forgotten by the American public, so therefore their findings aren’t really relevant.

So the bipartisan work of: two ex- Secretaries of State; a former Supreme Court justice; a onetime Attorney General; and most importantly a former Secretary of Defense didn’t carry enough weight? Or maybe it didn’t produce the desired results. Those people didn’t get together, throw the truth out the nearest window, and then declare victory is at hand in Iraq.

The fact is victory is not at hand. The fact is the word victory is only on the lips of Ann Coulter and our president these days. Maybe it’s because they’re the only people on earth who can figure out what a victory in Iraq should look like.

On Saturday morning, I tuned in the president’s weekly radio address to hear him, once again, use the V word. “The future of a vital region of the world and the security of the American people depend on victory in Iraq,” he mumbled with the kind of conviction I used to have when my mother made me apologize for breaking one of my brother’s toys.

So, according to Coulter, everybody on the left, the bipartisan Iraq Study Group, and even a growing number of conservatives everywhere are watching the death count in Iraq rise - but only she can take refuge in the fact that Americans are dying at a less rapid rate this year than in the two most previous years.
Excuse me for appearing to be less than “patriotic” in the eyes of some people who still don’t get it. But less Americans dying is STILL Americans dying.

I find it curious that people like Ann Coulter want to “stay the course” without saying those words. They’re people who don’t want Americans to leave Iraq, “until the job gets done”, without ever tipping us off as to what that job entails.

Isn’t It ironic they’re the self-appointed “deciders” of who is or isn’t patriotic?