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 Ann Coulter Reply


 January, 2007


 Ann Coulter - Questioning Coulter's contempt for liberals

Coulter’s 2007 Domino Theory

By Al Owens
I confess! I once sent a letter to the editor of the Morning Herald proclaiming my full support for the war in Vietnam. Of course, I was a 15 year-old high school sophomore - with no fear I'd ever have to serve there.

But something changed my mind about that war a couple of years later. I think it must have been that little card that appeared in my wallet the year I turned 18. The one with that 1-A on it. That’s when I got real anti-war. With the draft looming larger than college (and therefore a college deferment) I could no longer see the purpose of fighting anybody about anything. Unfortunately, I joined the Air Force to avoid getting drafted. I ended up in Vietnam (still against the war) two years later.

But isn’t that the way it is sometimes? The biggest war supporters can be the people with no chance of ever fighting in one. George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and Rush Limbaugh all avoided Vietnam while they thumped their chests in support of it.

Take Ann Coulter. She keeps going on and on about how Democrats and liberals wanted the United States to lose the war in Vietnam. Of course, she was only 14 years-old so how would she know?
She’s also good at pointing her contemptuous little fingers at today’s liberals for their lack of support of that mess in Iraq. She’s dragged out that tired old argument about the Democrat’s penchant for advancing the cause of our enemies once again.

But let’s put this latest Coulteristic rant in perspective.

The Democrats are now in control of the U.S. Congress. The President of the United States – our Uniter/Decider – is now claiming he’s willing to work in harmony with the Democrats. That is, if they see things his way. Harmony, to him, means sing his tune or else.

He even wrote a guest column for the Wall Street Journal that outlined his plan for working with the new Congress. He brought up his old standbys, Social Security, permanent tax cuts - and of course the war in Iraq. You’ve got to wonder, if the old Congress – the one that was controlled by Republicans couldn’t come up with solutions to those issues, why does he think a Democratically-controlled Congress will just roll over and let him get his way.

George Bush also issued a veiled veto threat for good measure. He just may have to get that veto pen ready. His plan for Iraq, one that has been widely reported on, will most likely include sending more young Americans to Iraq. (Depending on the pundit – between 20 and 40 thousand troops)

Now here comes the Ann Coulter connection. While there are some Democrats who’ve said they won’t block funding for the additional troops, there are some who may still vote against it. If that happens, the Ann Coulters of the world could scream that Democrats and liberals want the United States to lose the war.

Thus a column that supposedly posits further proof of those weak-kneed Democrats want to destroy America.
It’s a ploy. It’s a ruse. It’s a deceit. Why else can somebody tie Vietnam, Iraq and Watergate into one column as some kind of liberal master plan for the overthrow of the government United States of America?

Watergate, according to Ann Coulter (she was only about 14 years-old at the time, so maybe she wasn’t paying much attention) was “invented” by Democrats. What an invention! They invented those people with ties to the Nixon White House, so they could break into the Democratic National Headquarters. They invented a President who’d fire anybody who pointed the finger of blame in his direction. They invented a president who’d willingly pay people to shut-up when the appropriate body asked them appropriate questions. And they invented those people who would have easily torn-up the U.S. Constitution, rather than face the reality that they’d been caught red-handed by people with no discernable political philosophy.

Why do Republicans reach so hard for scapegoats? Why do conservatives all want to fight wars, as long as it’s fought with somebody else’s kids?

I have a proposal for the incoming congress. They should pass a law that says if you’re for the war in Iraq – then your child must join the military. If you’re against it your child doesn’t have to go.

Then, if we don’t win, we can blame all of those people who supported the war. And we can leave those people alone who think we’ve already lost it.