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 Ann Coulter Reply


 November, 2006


 Ann Coulter - Coulter and John Kerry, two comic minds!

Knock, Knock, Whoís There? George. George Who?

By Al Owens
October 31st ended the bloodiest month for Americans in Iraq in nearly two years. 105 U.S. troops had lost their lives. Back home, President Bush marked the day by arguing about a joke!

It seems Massachusetts Senator John Kerry had told a joke the day before that called into question the Presidentís brain matter. On Tuesday, the President called into question Kerryís patriotism. It appeared, by the Presidentís response, that that joke may have been right on target.

Itís not like these two men hadnít engaged in debate before. Two years ago, during the presidential campaign of 2004, they provided Americans with three debates - and perhaps a cure for insomnia at the same time! The only difference this time is that neither man is running for anything.

Of course conservatives took no time to misinterpret Kerryís words and to question every Democratís will to win in Iraq. The better to distract voterís attention away from the increasing difficulties there.

At the same time, even some Democrats, and maybe even the owners of the Improv backed away from Americaís worst comic mind Ė John Kerry.

Yet thereís something really troubling about all of this. Itís not that anybody truly believes that when he spoke that day at Pasadena City College Kerry was really calling Americaís troops stupid. (Only ultra-conservative wing-nuts like Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter seem to be clinging fast to that assertion long past Kerryís apology) Itís the casual way in which real news has been pushed aside to discuss the intent of a politician that is being tagged as the standard bearer for all things liberal.

The real news? On the very day The President of the United States gleefully scolded A U.S. Senator for being less than a true supporter of the troops in Iraq, the head of the Iraqi government, Iraqi Prime Minister Muri al-Maliki seemed to prove he may be even less a supporter. al-Maliki ordered U.S. and Iraqi manned checkpoints in the highly dangerous Sadr City area of Baghdad be taken down. Theyíd been put into place in an effort to try to find the people responsible for the kidnapping of an American soldier.

Itís a move thatís being cheered in Baghdad as a victory for Shiíite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr and a defeat for the U.S. military. Even those of us who are less than enthusiastic about this countryís involvement in the war in Iraq could support a president who expressed concern about those cheers. President Bush missed the opportunity to make light of the development. Instead he waged war on a joke!

But the day wasnít a total loss for the Bush Administration. Itís members and conservative supporters were busily claimed victory over John Kerry.

Meanwhile, Bush Administration apologists like Ann Coulter are now proclaiming that anything short of a complete political meltdown on Tuesday would be a sign that the Democratic Party is on the verge of extinction.

Pardon me, but Iíve seen the polls. And any objective observer can clearly see that the American public is increasingly feeling that the Democrats are better suited than Republicans for handling the war in Iraq, national security and just about every key issue facing the country today. And itís not like everybody being polled is a Democrat. Some of them just may be Republicans.

Maybe, just maybe, Americans are growing weary of a political party that seems only good at frightening people to keep them in line. Conservatives donít seem to understand that America is tuning out that kind of nonsense these days.

According to them, Nancy Pelosi and John Conyers, Jr. will seize the reins of power and hand over the country to terrorists. That theyíll allow terrorists to infiltrate PTA meetings and ride every school bus in America and worse, prevent us from seeing the final episode of Dancing with the Stars. Iíd thought this was desperation. I was wrong. Itís panic!

Failing to see that American public isnít buying any of this, anymore, theyíre really in trouble when the Iraqi people are showing signs they donít either.

They must be over there wondering, why is The President of the United States engaged in a great debate Ė over a joke?