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 November, 2006


 Republicans have sour grapes after losing big in the election

Sour Grapes

By Al Owens
There’s an internal Fox News memo that’s circulating around the internet these days that’s getting a lot of attention. It was sent to Fox personnel by a news executive two days after the November 7th election.

According to that memo, the elections were “a major event” with all of those Republican losses and the resignation of Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, but they didn’t represent the “end of the world”.

Let me translate that for you. Fox News’ higher ups considered a Democratic victory on election night to be a loss for Fox News. Well, well, well. I would have never dreamed those fine folks at Fox, who claim (with a straight face I might add) they’re so “fair and balanced”, would be so near mass suicides if the Republicans lost - they’d have to dispatch an inter-office memo to prevent it.

That memo went on to urge the on-air staff, “to be on the lookout for any statements from the Iraqi insurgents, who must be thrilled at the prospect of a Dem-controlled congress.” No wonder a few hours later, Martha MacCallum (a Fox News afternoon host) announced insurgents were, “dancing in the streets”, because of the Democratic victory. She offered no information to support that claim. She just said it. That’s the kind of thing Republicans might have said. Yet, so far they haven’t. Fox News is saying it for them, I guess.

Republicans are, however, preparing themselves for what they feel will become massive buckets-full of revenge hurled at them by angry Democrats - who’d been out of control of congress for 12 years. Maybe it’s because Republicans know a thing or two about revenge!

There’s an old set of NBC news stories that are also circulating around the internet. They reveal Republicans who were eager to take over control of Congress before the 1994 elections, and show their willingness to hand-out punishment after they took that control of it.

There’s ole Newt Gingrich apologizing for telling a group of business lobbyists just before that election that, “The Clinton Administration is the enemy of NORMAL people.” That’s the same story that has statements to the effect that if Republicans took control of congress, they’d use their newfound subpoena power to spend the next two years investigating corruption in the Clinton Administration.

No wonder before the recent elections Republicans were warning Americans that Democrats would stop congress in its tracks while the Democrats would flood the building with subpoenas – if they took power. The Republicans had done that in 1994, after being out of power for 40 years. Nowadays they’re happy to tell anybody who’ll listen, the Democrats will do it after 12.

That internet package of old news stories also features one with Gingrich warning a group of suburban Atlanta mommies about the perils of a society continuing to lean to the left. A few days before his warning, a woman had claimed her small sons had been the victim of a carjacking by an African American. Gingrich offered this as part of his campaign rhetoric: “I can capture everything we’re trying to do by, in a sense, referring to this weekend’s unbelievable tragedy in South Carolina. “It’s about getting at the root causes of a decay in our civilization that is horrific.”

In case you didn’t know it, Gingrich was talking about the Susan Smith case. There was no carjacking. There had been no African American involved in the case. She murdered her children, and has since been convicted for murdering them. Nine days after she blamed their kidnapping on a black carjacker, she admitted pushing her car into a nearby lake.

I couldn’t find any apology for Gingrich’s bad aim in 1994. He has, however, joined the chorus of Republicans around the country who’re expressing their sour grapes that the Democrats are once again in control of Congress.

I’m wondering if he’ll warn us again about the decay we’re all in for when they do it.