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 Ann Coulter Reply


 December, 2006


 Ann Coulter - Iraq Study Group speaks. Ann Coulter frowns!

The President Just Got Training Wheels!

By Al Owens
I haven’t always been this annoying liberal. I even campaigned for a Republican once. Back in 1956, I’d been so taken by the poetry contained within the phrase “I Like Ike” I kept repeating it over and over, so my mother’s best friend, Mrs. Sarah Curry up there on Searight Avenue, nicknamed me - Ike. I’m sort of glad that nickname didn’t stick. I was only 8 years-old and I had an entire liberal life ahead of me. But in the mid-1950’s Dwight David Eisenhower, with his snappy campaign commercials, was my man.

Four years later, and still too young to vote, I changed my political philosophy and rooted for John F. Kennedy. I’ve leaned to the left ever since. I say this to say, I know the virtues of changing my mind. Even if the last time I changed it was in 1960, I changed it nonetheless. I wonder why George W. Bush can’t change his?

The Iraq Study Group should have tipped him off to a very nasty bit of truth. The chances that everybody (or anybody these days) in the Middle East is still eager to line-up in single file to get mass injections of democracy, is about as remote as a third Bush presidency.

Little did he know, or, does he understand, that that special group of American citizens represents training wheels for a presidency that’s in jeopardy of flying headlong into a brick wall.

So the President of the United States and the most powerful man on earth may end up riding out of the White House in a little over two years – on a tricycle!

The situation in Iraq, according to the Study Group’s report is, “grave and deteriorating”. The President holds one of those convenient photo-ops while holding up the report, and he mumbles his support for the group’s efforts. A couple of hours later, with the appropriate skeptical talking points ready for launch, presidential mouthpiece Tony Snow tells reporters that one of the key recommendations in the report just won’t happen.

There won’t be any effort to find some kind of common ground to discuss peace in Iraq that includes Syria and Iran.
By mid-afternoon I’d be willing to bet the President had slipped that report on the shelf right beside his copy of “My Pet Goat”. And besides, he claims he won’t really act on it anyway because his own people are preparing their own report. And you know what that means. He won’t act on it either!

Yet, none of this has stopped political pundits from attacking the report and the venerable people who prepared it. They’re even mocking the notion that any solution in Iraq that includes Iran and Syria is silly. I wonder from where they got that?

Ann Coulter, for instance, seems to think it’s laughable to include Iran and Syria in any kind of peace process for the region. I suspect she’d like to bomb them, rather than talk with them. Of course I’ve always thought she’d like to bomb anything and anybody who isn’t Ann Coulter.
But without any weapons of mass destruction of her own, she’s using the occasion of the release of the report to hail it as an opportunity for the Democrats to do their level best to try to lose the war. I just don’t think this woman gets enough fiber!

And besides, the last time I checked, the Bush Administration’s very own Secretary of Defense appointee, Bob Gates, has said we’re losing the war – without the Democrats having to lift a finger. Ok! I stretched that a little. He really said he believes we’re not winning in Iraq. I’m guessing he would have said is losing the war, if he hadn’t been testifying at his job interview in front of the Senate Armed Services Committee when he made that other statement. It’s just not nice to trash your new boss before your first day on the job. He’ll have ample time to do that, anyway.

He too will have read the Iraq Study Group’s report, he may try to implement some of its recommendations – and he’ll most likely be greeted with blank stares and the kind of stubbornness that passes for presidential resolve these days. It won’t be pretty. Our new Secretary of Defense will serve an administration that has had its high hopes for victory in Iraq dashed by reality. He’ll be working for a president who needed 10 teacher’s aides and training wheels to save him from himself. On Friday, an AP-Ipsos poll revealed that 71 percent of Americans disapprove of the way the President is handling the war in Iraq. Curiously there are still people who’d swear he knows what he’s doing.

I’m not one of them.