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 Ann Coulter Reply


 June, 2007


 Ann Coulter - Wearing out her anti-immigration welcome

An Illegal in Every Sentence

By Al Owens
She’s at it again folks! It’s now four anti-immigration reform columns in a row for Ann Coulter. One more of these and I’m thinking she might be developing some kind of syndrome or something.

I got the point three columns ago. Ann Coulter doesn’t like the proposed immigration reform bill, and the liberals, Democrats, Republicans, conservatives or Presidents who support it.
Two columns ago (Dems’ Goal: A Green Card in Every Pot), she widened her firing range to include Hispanics and Latinos, or anybody who may infect the United States by being something other than a white Anglo-Saxon Protestant.

It was then that I noticed that she’d performed the near impossible. She wrote of her contempt for the immigration reform bill, without even bothering to use the word illegal – as it regards illegal immigrants.

It must have been obvious, even to some people who sincerely question the workability of the immigration reform bill, she wasn’t merely talking about illegal aliens. That she was openly fanning the flames of bigotry by warning us that we’re on the verge of losing our culture if we hurry up and ship all of those Mexicans back to where they came from.

That message was loud and clear three weeks in a row.
But something rather peculiar emerged this week. She actually used the words illegal or illegally 19 times!
That must be some kind of a record. And, to me, it’s a clear indication that some people may have grown weary of what amounts to Ann Coulter’s hatemongering – when a serious discussion about immigration reform is much needed.
The contrast between her rhetoric two weeks ago and this week is fascinating. Now she goes out of her way to throw the word illegal before the word alien.
After reading her column this week, and with the knowledge that her use of the word illegal was gratuitous, I was mildly amused when I heard Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly on Wednesday night. O’Reilly is no supporter of the immigration reform bill. He was interviewing (interrogating) somebody who does support it. But he did pause long enough to say he doesn’t support those people who feel our white Anglo-Saxon Protestant culture is in jeopardy. (It sounded like a direct swipe at Ann Coulter’s recent columns – and from a Catholic.)

Yet, despite her overuse of the word illegal this week, she does manage to pull a fast one.

You’ll notice she writes extensively about the two U.S. Border Patrol agents, Ignacio Ramos and Jose Alonso Compean, who are serving prison sentences for shooting an illegal alien in 2005. To Ann Coulter, they were only imprisoned because they didn’t fill out the proper paperwork after the shooting. That’s an outrageous conclusion – even for Ann Coulter.

They’d been found guilty on eleven of twelve counts after they shot a man who’d surrendered at the border, and who later was shot at 15 times. It is true Aldrete-Davila was an apparent drug dealer. But those border guards didn’t know it at the time. It is true he’s an illegal alien. But the border guards didn’t know that at the time. It is true he was unarmed. The border guards DID know that at the time.
Distorted claims like Ann Coulter’s have become so prevalent that the U.S. Justice Department felt obliged to answer those claims with a few of their own. “Response of the government to reporting inaccuracies regarding the Compean and Ramos prosecution,” is a document that can be easily accessed online ( http://www.usdoj.gov/usao/txw/press_releases/2007/compeanramosfinal.pdf) – if the unvarnished truth about the matter is important.
Ann Coulter doesn’t seem to have visited that web site. If she had, she would have known that assault with a deadly weapon and assault with serious bodily injury (among other charges) have nothing to do with two guys who just forgot to fill out the proper paperwork. (They were charged with that, but was the least of the eleven charges.)

That’s the kind of flame-throwing that won’t help remedy this country’s immigration problems. It just builds hostility on both sides of the argument without solving a thing.

I do believe that if an illegal alien gets stopped at our northern or southern borders headed here to peddle dope – he or she should be stopped and arrested on the spot. However, I also believe anybody who gets stopped, puts up their hands to show they aren’t armed, and then runs out of fear, should not be shot at 15 times.
Maybe I’m soft on crime. Or maybe that year I spent guarding the perimeter at Danang Air Base in the Republic of Vietnam taught me that shooting at people, just because you don’t like them, can’t be found in any training manual.

Bloodlust isn’t really that much fun to me. Exaggeration isn’t either. This morning Jim Gilchrist, the head of the Minuteman Project, announced during an interview that by 2025 as many as 215 million illegal aliens may cross our border if the proposed immigration reform gets through congress.

Talk about exaggerations! There are only an estimated 108 million (according to http://cia.gov) people living in Mexico right now. I’m wondering where they’re all going to come from by 2025.

I guess Ann Coulter will have written her 26,000th straight anti-immigration column by then. And that’s no exaggeration!