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 Ann Coulter Reply


 June, 2007


 Ann Coulter - Her bizarre notion of American culture

Ann Coulter: My Favorite Martian

By Al Owens
I have an announcement to make. Ann Coulter is an alien! The kind from outer space. She’s been sent here to torture all mankind with her logic. (Or what she passes of as logic)

Here’s an example: “One may assume the new majority will not be such compassionate overlords as the white majority has been.” Translation: Ann Coulter thinks that soon this country will be Mexicans who’ll be happy to put the white majority in chains. The white majority, according to Ann Coulter, has been “compassionate overlords.”

Overlords? She’s out of her Martian mind! Overlord \O"ver*lord`\, n.
One who is lord over another or others; a superior lord; a master. That’s how Webster sees it. Ann Coulter thinks white Anglo-Saxon Protestants are masters. That everybody else is inferior, or even, er, slaves.

I’d thought we’d all been freed. Now I’ve got to go into hiding again? This stuff is getting old.

This from the woman who for three straight weeks has increasingly advanced her racist notions about immigration and who has, at the same time, increasingly denied she’s a racist. It’s like somebody who repeatedly walks headlong into the same wall, who repeatedly denies they’re blind.

Her recent columns aren’t so much about immigration. They’re more about the perpetuation of the white race in America.
She uses the U.S. Census Bureau like a flash card to promote the hysteria that if Mexicans continue coming into this country at their current rate, the United States of America will be infected with a distinct pigmentation problem by 2050. We’ll have a non-white majority. And that means, “If this sort of drastic change were legally imposed on any group other than white Americans, it would be called genocide.”
Genocide? That’s a mighty strong word for a Martian, don’t you think? Genocide is about the killing of people of another race or group. I don’t think anybody would be trying to kill anybody – merely by climbing over a fence. But in outer space, I’m told, nobody can here you scream. And Ann Coulter is nothing, if not a screamer.

I see valid arguments everywhere against the immigration reform bill that’s currently before the US Congress. None of those arguments can be found in an Ann Coulter column. All I encounter are the usually predictable zingers that were designed to make angry people angrier.

She must continue to foster the belief that our culture is so fragile that it will collapse under the weight of one more Mexican. But I’m sure if you happen to visit Mexico City you’ll find more American culture down there than you could ever imagine. Mexicans, like people around the planet, love American culture. They don’t want to change it. They want to experience it.

If they come here for any reason, they’ll be just as enthralled by the latest nonsense regarding Paris Hilton as we are. They wear New York Yankee ball caps in the most remote villages on earth. Yet, we’re supposed to live in constant fear that some of the people who come here, namely Mexicans, will cross our borders with needles that can easily get shoved directly into our brains that contain some antidote to American culture? I don’t think so.
I used to think that argument about securing our borders, especially against terrorists, was a worthwhile one. Jingoists like Ann Coulter have apparently abandoned that argument. Maybe too many people have hinted they should build a security fence from Maine to Seattle too.
Instead we get prefabricated drivel about millions of wild eyed Latinos with bad intentions strapped to their arms like so many IED’s. They’re taking our tax dollars, our health care, our whiteness. Our whiteness? I’m really ticked off now!

Once again, Ann Coulter brandishes that highly controversial Harvard professor, Samuel P. Huntington. (He’s the guy I pointed out last week who does a mighty good impression of Adolf Hitler, when he gets to writing about Anglo-Saxon Protestants)

This week, Coulter wants to remind you, Huntington reminds us all that American wouldn’t be America if the Spanish, French and Portuguese had had their way. He’s written a lot worse in his latest far-right primer, “Who We Are: The Challenges to America’s Identity.”

Try this one on for size. “The fabric of American civic trust has been nowhere more severely tried than in blacks’ cultural, electoral, legal and public psycho-dramatic renderings of disaffection with white America.”

That’s enough to even make a Martian shriek!