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An examination of Fox News propagandaPoliticalApril, 2006
A comment on Fox News' coverage of the 2006 OscarsPoliticalMarch, 2006
The President's welcome at the funeral of Coretta Scott KingPoliticalMarch, 2006
Bill Clinton erupts on Fox News' Chris WallacePoliticalSeptember, 2006
Response the downfall of Representative Mark FoleyPoliticalSeptember, 2006
Preview of the upcoming elections of 2006PoliticalSeptember, 2006
Thoughts following the elections of November, 2006PoliticalNovember, 2006
Highlighting the deception used in going to war with IraqPoliticalMarch, 2006
An objective look at the presidency of Gerald FordPoliticalJanuary, 2007
Representative Mark Foley resigns and goes into rehabPoliticalOctober, 2006
Examining George Bush's dwindling supportPoliticalNovember, 2006
Laurel Highlands fails to hire black teachersPoliticalSpring, 1997
How political candidates make their silly promisesPoliticalFall, 1997
George Bush announces troop surgePoliticalJanuary, 2007
A group of Republicans attacks their fellow Republicans in adsPoliticalNovember, 2006
Republicans lose election and fear Democratic revengePoliticalNovember, 2006
Republicans have sour grapes after losing big in the electionPoliticalNovember, 2006
Republicans respond badly to Iraq Study Group findingsPoliticalDecember, 2006
Don Imus is not alone, but he should be.PoliticalApril, 2007
Fayette County Commissioners Don't Really Vote!PoliticalOctober, 2005
Another "Exciting" National Intelligence EstimatePoliticalJuly 2007
Larry Craig's Wide Stance DefensePoliticalSeptember, 2007
Larry Craig is "Stalling" AgainPoliticalSeptember, 2007
O.J. Simpson Rides Again, and Helps the Right WingPoliticalSeptember, 2007
Republicans Are Lacking a Minority CandidatePoliticalFebruary, 2008
Republicans Boo Their Own Presidential CandidatePoliticalFebruary, 2008
A Look at the Longest Presidential Campaign in HistoryPoliticalFebruary, 2008
A Blow-by-blow Look at the Democratic Race for PresidentPoliticalFebruary, 2008
Watching John McCain Grovel For VotesPoliticalFebruary, 2008
A Hard-Wired McCain Supporter Gets Out of ControlPoliticalFebruary, 2008
The Party of Lincoln JokePoliticalFebruary, 2008
Barack Obama Defends Attacks About His PreacherPoliticalMarch, 2008
Democratic Attacks on Each OtherPoliticalMarch, 2008
Hillary Clinton Caught Telling a FibPoliticalMarch, 2008
George Bush Proves He's a Lame DuckPoliticalApril, 2008
Discussion of Barack Obama's Bitter CommentPoliticalApril, 2008
Hillary Clinton Wins Pennsylvania PrimaryPoliticalApril, 2008
Offering a Defense of Barack ObamaPoliticalApril, 2008
It Takes a Clinton to Raze a VillagePoliticalMay, 2008
Fact Checking Hillary Clinton's MathPoliticalMay, 2008
Former Klansman Robert Byrd Endorses Barack ObamaPoliticalMay, 2008
Ex-White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan's New BookPoliticalMay, 2008
Hillary Clinton Still Resists Stepping AsidePoliticalJune, 2008
Highlighting John McCain's Penchant For Making GaffesPoliticalJune, 2008
Obama's New Web Site Fights SmearsPoliticalJune, 2008
McCain Campaign's Terrorist Scare TacticsPoliticalJune, 2008
Republicans Attack Obama/Clinton UnityPoliticalJuly, 2008
More John McCain GaffesPoliticalJuly, 2008
George Bush Gets "Honored" in San FranciscoPoliticalJuly, 2008
Obama's Problem? He's Too PopularPoliticalAugust, 2008
John McCain's "Celebrity". George Bush's ProblemsPoliticalAugust, 2008
John McCain's Apology is QuestionedPoliticalApril, 2008
George Bush's GeorgiaPoliticalAugust, 2008
John McCain's Style Overrides His SubstancePoliticalAugust, 2008
The Choice of Sarah PalinPoliticalAugust, 2008
More About Sarah PalinPoliticalSeptember, 2008
Republican Convention High and Low LightsPoliticalSeptember, 2008
John McCain's One, Countem' One Black Vote!PoliticalSeptember, 2008
The Age of BloggersPoliticalSeptember, 2008
John McCain's Economy BlindspotPoliticalSeptember, 2008
Palin's Couric InterviewPoliticalSeptember, 2008
The McCain/Palin Desperation MachinePoliticalOctober, 2008
The Incredible Shrinking McCainPoliticalOctober, 2008
Palin Vs. Powell, No MatchPoliticalOctober, 2008
It's Time to Vote, Don't You Think?PoliticalOctober, 2008
Not a Collection of Red States and Blue StatesPoliticalNovember, 2008
A Center-Right Country?PoliticalNovember, 2008
With Republican Friends Like These...PoliticalNovember, 2008
No Need to Cure Liberalism. It IS The CurePoliticalNovember, 2008
Phoney Surprise About President-elect ObamaPoliticalDecember, 2008
Bailout Mania StrikesPoliticalDecember, 2008
2008 - A Good Year For LiberalsPoliticalDecember, 2008
Guilt By Association is the Republican's Only WeaponPoliticalJanuary, 2009
The Republican's Racial Tone DeafnessPoliticalJanuary, 2009
Presidential Expectations of Barack ObamaPoliticalJanuary, 2009
Looking Ahead to the Inauguration of Barack ObamaPoliticalJanuary, 2009
Obama's Flawed Presidency - After Only Two MinutesPoliticalJanuary, 2009
The G.O.P. and the Stimulus PackagePoliticalFebruary, 2009
The G.O.P. and the Stimulus PackagePoliticalFebruary, 2009
The Debate Over the President's StimulusPoliticalFebruary, 2009
Republican Stimulus Hot AirPoliticalFebruary, 2009
Republicans Want Stimulus Money But Deny ItPoliticalFebruary, 2009
Republicans Can't Find a Real LeaderPoliticalMarch, 2009
More Republican Blustering about the StimulusPoliticalMarch, 2009
G.O.P. Leader Michael Steele is in TroublePoliticalMarch, 2009
More Republican HypocrisyPoliticalMarch, 2009
The Political Budget Fight BeginsPoliticalApril, 2009
Obama's First Trip Abroad as PresidentPoliticalApril, 2009
Republicans Channel Joe McCarthyPoliticalApril, 2009
Dick Cheney Rears His HeadPoliticalApril, 2009
Cheney Defends TorturePoliticalMay, 2009
Continued Republican Silliness and RhetoricPoliticalMay, 2009
Another Attack by Dick CheneyPoliticalMay, 2009
Republicans Respond to the Nomination of Sonia SotomayorPoliticalMay, 2009
Rightwingers Backtrack about Calling Sonia Sotomayor a RacistPoliticalJune, 2009
Newt Gingrich Slips in Republican AppealPoliticalJune, 2009
The Right Wing Extramarital Machine is ExaminedPoliticalJune, 2009
John McCain, You Lost. Get Over it!PoliticalJune, 2009
A Look at the Republican's Self-Inflicted WoundsPoliticalJuly, 2009
Sarah Palin Takes a PowderPoliticalJuly, 2009
A Call to End Notions of "Bipartisanship"PoliticalJuly, 2009
The Phony "Birther" Controversy is ExaminedPoliticalJuly, 2009
Confronting the Obvious Half-Truths of RepublicansPoliticalJuly, 2009
The Cash For Clunkers Program - UnpluggedPoliticalAugust, 2009
The Falsehoods in Sarah Palin's "Death Panels" CommentPoliticalAugust, 2009
Fox News' Glenn Beck's Fleeing SponsorsPoliticalAugust, 2009
Right Wingers Find Another Invisible Death PanelPoliticalAugust, 2009
Obama Speaks to Children. Republicans Act Like ChildrenPoliticalSeptember, 2009
The Tea Party's "Misoverestimated" Crowd EstimatesPoliticalSeptember, 2009
Defining Obama by His Use of "Czars"PoliticalSeptember, 2009
Another Phony Controversy About Kids and ObamaPoliticalSeptember, 2009
Right Wing Joy Because Obama Doesn't get OlympicsPoliticalOctober, 2009
How Corporations Benefit From Dead Peasants InsurancePoliticalOctober, 2009
Rush Limbaugh's NFL Ownership FailurePoliticalOctober, 2009
How Fox News Paints the NewsPoliticalOctober, 2009
Countering the Cheney's CheapshotsPoliticalNovember, 2009
A Look At Sarah Palin's Latest ControversyPoliticalNovember, 2009
How Republicans Keep Paying For Abortions?PoliticalNovember, 2009
Glenn Beck Calls A Democratic Senaor a ProstitutePoliticalNovember, 2009
Obama's Faulty Afghanistan StrategyPoliticalDecember, 2009
Republicans Inflate the Importance of Obama's Poll NumbersPoliticalDecember, 2009
Joe Lieberman's Head Fake About a FilibsuterPoliticalDecember, 2009
2009's "Lies of the Year" are HighlightedPoliticalDecember, 2009
Mock Republican Outrage Over the Underwear BomberPoliticalJanuary, 2010
More Mock Republican Outrage Over the Underwear BomberPoliticalJanuary, 2010